DB45s Vs Revolution
Friday 14 June 2024
KGV School

Score: 5-0

Scorers: Nik x 2, Fr. David, Baz, Adam

On a Friday night in June, there was obviously nowhere any Hong Kong footballer would rather be than at KGV for DBs penultimate (I hope) fixture of the 23/24 season. Both sides put out a flat XI without subs, which made life a little less taxing for stand-in captain Morse, whose leadership had been demonstrated already by robbing Baz of a previously paid referee fee. As such, the team picked itself with DB celebrating the start of Euros 2024 by welcoming French David to the squad – a player with the gliding dribbling of Mbappe, the charm and hairline of Thierry Henry and the body of Francois Hollande – whilst our flying non-Dutchman Dirk ‘Van Dijk’ dropped into the backline alongside captain Morse. We went into battle with currently bottom place Revolution with the stirring words of our captain: we haven’t got subs so don’t run around too much.

Luckily we didn’t have to but still managed to take an early lead, nice interplay between Baz and David allowed the ball to be laid back to Nik on the edge of the box to curl the ball into the bottom corner. A second swiftly followed when Kieran Chan released Baz down the right wing. His cross to the far post was met by David (leaping like a salmon, some might say, who weren’t there) with a textbook header to the bottom corner.

At 2-0 Revo shut up shop, sat deep and we all waited for the evening to be done with. There was a little bit of tension between Baz who wanted a bit of Moyes-esque football to keep putting the ball into areas of maximum opportunity, whilst OB decided we should just stroke the ball around a safe distance away from Revo’s low block, like we were some sort of possession-based side from the successful side of Manchester. Morse was in agreement with this (to save our legs) but couldn’t always follow his advice and kept striding through into midfield to slide through balls towards the goal-line. Evergreen Mike Collier was similarly intent on getting forward, moving with the enthusiasm of a pensioner making the use of his 2 dollar bus pass to combine with Adam on the left. We had almost forgotten about Newley at the back but he did a couple of bits of tidy sweeping up to ensure a secure lead at half time.

The second half continued in much the same vein. Revo showing as much futile hope as Scotland would later demonstrate that night and we eventually found the net a few times. I think Baz or Ricardo, who had both shown some driving runs through the defence was pulled down 30 yards. OB set himself for the free kick and Morse decided to show the attackers how to make runs behind the defence, bursting through, losing sight of the ball, pirouetting in the six-yard box and then volleying the ball across for a chance that even Baz (four goals in three games) couldn’t miss. Baz then turned provider hitting a diagonal for somebody to volley in from the edge the box, which should definitely be mentioned in the match report. With a minute to go, Nik scored the fifth. Mis-controlling the first pass on the edge of the box, Ricardo (or Collier – it was dark, who knows?) returned the ball to him, and he did better the second time, spinning the defender and finishing past the sub keeper.

A very pleasant game, played in good spirit. The best team won and a few beers were drunk afterwards, fully in keeping with Scotland’s expectations for the Euros which Patric had missed the game for.