Venue: Siu Lun Sports Ground Tuen Mun Saturday 12th March 2016 kick-off 6:00 pm

Squad: Gianluca, David, Phil, Morse, Dirk, Pascal, Zin, Sam, Ben, Tom, Matt Z, Yoon, Alessio and Michel

Scorers: Matt Z x 3, Tom and Zin.

The boss Gazza was back on the Thursday before this game to take the reins off David to pull a squad together and hoping for an easier time than last week. It was easier in the fact that by Friday we had 12 confirmed players and at Saturday lunch time good news for a change in that two “Maybe” players confirmed availability —- Zin and Gianluca — giving a good squad of 14 players. However, there was a little difficulty in some players making the kick-off time because finishing work time and remoteness of the pitch. Gazza got the message that the late taxi carrying Zin, Sam, Michel and Matt Z was running late and arrived at the pitch spot on 6:00 pm. We had 10 player plus Gazza, who used his old man tactic of changing very slowly in view of the referee who was delaying kick-off on his behalf. David had organised the team for kick-off, Gianluca keeper; David and Phil CB; Morse and Dirk LB and RB; Yoon and Ben LM and RM, Alessio and Gazza CM, Tom and Pascal forward. As Gazza was about to step onto the pitch Zin was ready and went straight on instead for kick-off (big sigh of relief from Gazza).

DBFC started the game well and were largely in control, although RBFC two forwards did present some danger. Matt Z had finished a dump, changed, combed his hair and managed to tie his shoe laces to be ready at the side-line and after watching proceedings for a few minutes went on to replace Alessio. Pascal dropped to CM to partner Zin and Matt Z went to CF playing just in front of Tom. Soon after the “Z” strolled onto the pitch DBFC scored. David made a good tackle on the RBFC striker and the ball broke to Zin in his own half. Zin turned and skinned a RBFC midfielder and forge forward with great vision into the RBFC half between the two RBFC centre-backs to one on one with the RBFC keeper and coolly slot the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal. It was a great goal and DBFC were 1 -0 up after 12 minutes. DBFC were playing confidently on the grass pitch, which was a bit muddy in the centre but overall not too bad a playing surface (a first time at this venue for DBFC). However, RBFC had some good players, particularly a couple of skillful strikers and always looked threatening on the break so the DBFC defence had to remain switched on. One RBFC break down their left saw Phil come out from the centre to cover for dirk but committed and was beaten to leave the RBFC striker on goal from a narrow angle that Gianluca was quick to narrow down and produce a fine block then a second block from another attempt from the rebound. Another attack by RBFC saw their player dribble past a couple of DBFC players for the ball to come across the box and Dirk getting there to cover with a fine last ditch tackle to deny an RBFC goal. During this time DBFC were always pressing at the RBFC goal and finally some good team play in passing the ball down the right ended with Matt Z coming in from the left and skinning a RBFC defender to get a good shot away that was blocked but broke to Halder, who calmly side footed the ball in the bottom right corner. DBFC were now 2 – 0 up and looking good but the DBFC defence needed to be switched on and work hard as the DBFC midfield were getting carried away pressing for goals and leaving the field open in front of the back 4. DBFC could have been more goals ahead but the RBFC keeper was kept busy pulling off some good saves and blocks and in particular one fantastic save when diving full stretch to get fingers on a Matt Z shot that was headed for the top left corner.

At half time Gazza praised a good team performance with some great spells of passing. However, pointed out that the midfield players had to manage the game better and not all empty the middle when the team pressed forward. When the DBFC attack breaks down the midfield need to recover behind the ball into their starting shape and the defence needed to help this with communication (shouts/ reminders). Sam came on for Ben (who had put in a great shift) at and Yoon move to RM and Sam to LM. Alessio and Michel would be brought on after 10 mins.

Despite the observations made by Gazza at half-time the second half started a bit shaky for DBFC with a large gap between the defence and the midfield being too often evident through the defence sitting a bit deep but mainly midfield not managing and recovering positions on attack breakdown. This gap was allowing the RBFC strikers to break well and run at the DBFC back 4. Consequently, RBFC had a number of very good chances to halve the DBFC lead and get back into the game but the DBFC defence worked hard and Gianluca made some good saves to keep RBFC out. Somewhat against the run of play, DBFC put together a great passing move – Sam to Morse, Morse to Pascal, Pascal to Dirk, Dirk to Halder and then Halder crossed it into Matt Z who firmly planted in the header. It was a great passing move, great cross and mildly average header to put DBFC at 3 – 0 up. Despite this 3-0 lead, RBFC were still dangerous on the counter attack, so Gazza brought on hard-man Alessio to replace Zin (ran his socks off and scored a goal) for the last 25 minutes, with instructions to manage a defensive midfield position that would help out the stretched DBFC defenders. This worked well, and RBFC were having less joy on the counter as it was breaking up before they could pass it through to their strikers. DBFC began to totally dominate the game and for the last 20 mins Michel came on to replace Yoon. Michel to play forward with Matt and Halder sitting behind leaving Alessio in the middle of midfield with Pascal right and sam left.  Halder, Pascal, Michel and Matt Z were playing some good passing football and continuously opening up the RBFC defence.  Matt Z got two quick goals from a nice pass from Halder to put him through and then a nice solo goal from the outside of the box. This was yet another hat-trick for bull’s eye Matt Z. The game finished with a well-deserved 5-0 win and two remarkably efficient 7 seater Ubers, to take us straight back to the Pier Bar.

MOM – Zol is a contender for another hat-trick. Halder played some nice football throughout. However, this week it is a duel award to OAPs Morse and Dirk who both played excellently throughout the game; defended well to allow our wingers to press on and also joined the attacks on a number of occasions.

DOD – David for missing a great goal scoring opportunity from a corner at one yard out. As usual, Ben Roberts did plenty to merit the reward, as did Phil for stealing the reporters front seat in the Uber. But when you miss from one yard, you become DOD – as Scotty Holmes knows all too well!


Reported by David