DBFC Vets 3 – 0 HKFC Vets

Venue: King George 5th School Field, Ho Man Tin (KGV)

Date: Monday 18 October 2021

Kick-off: 21:00

Squad: Bradders, Riggers, Tita, Sam, Morse, Nik, San, Ping, Crommy, Simon, Stephane, Thierry, Pascal, Dan, Pui, Pedro, Neil L, Minga and Brendon.

Scorers: San, Tita and Crommy      —– notes 1. san 20mins assist Pui. 2. Tita 72 mins assist Minga. 3. 77 mins crummy assist Stephane.

This was the final legends league fixture for the long drawn out Covid affected 2020 / 2021 season and all at DBFC Vets were certainly glad for it arriving. Although, DBFC had long earlier secured the league title, the mood from all the players and management was to go for a win against the second placed (Legends League runner up and current cup holders) Hong Kong Football Club(HKFC) and reinforce our dominance.

A very large DBFC squad was amassed for this game, at one time enough for 2 full teams, but in the end gaffer Gaz had 8 outfield substitutes to juggle around through the game trying to keep a balance in the side. Thierry was fresh from 2 months in France and 3 weeks in HK quarantine and Pascal was visiting from his new home in Bangkok. Dan Moss was there not having been seen for many weeks and he had brought along the long time injured Brendan Shanahan to support. Minga was there to make is 2 appearance of the season. So All in all this was a bit of a reunion.

DBFC started brightly with total dominance against a 10 man HKFC team, there 11th man turning up after 10 minutes gone and two more after 20 minutes gone. However, DBFC couldn’t find a way through a disciplined HKFC defence. It was a strategic substitution to put Pui on the right flank that was the opening key. Within 3 minutes of being on San played a fine pass on the inside of HKFC left back for Pui to come round the back to the bar line. Pui cut a pass back to San, who had followed in his pass, on the edge of the 18 yards’ box for a first time shot across the keeper into the far corner of the net. A very good goal.

A lot more pressing by DBFC but no result and HKFC started to work their way back into the game but nothing really worrying on the Bradders goal. So half time was 1-0 to DBFC Vets.

The second half saw Crommy come on to add to DBFC attacking options but chance after chance went begging and DBFC were always vulnerable to a counter attack or a defensive mistake. However, the closest that HKFC got to scoring was when keeper Bradders messed an attempted long throw out that went straight to a HKFC attacker. Fortunately, the attacker took a heavy touch going forward that allowed Bradders time to dash out to the edge of his box and dive at the player’s feet to smother the ball. Bradders out of jail because if he had not rescued the situation it could have been 1-1. DBFC continued to press against a tiring HKFC (8 DBFC subs against their 2 was taking its toll) and a number of sitters went begging. It wasn’t until 6 minutes left to play that a goal eventual came, when Tita drove through the middle passing the ball forward to Minga and continuing his run to receive the return pass and blast into HKFC net to put DBFC Vets safe at 2-0. A third goal did arrive for DBFC 3 minutes from final whistle when Stephane collected the ball at feet in the HKFC box and jinxed to flick a pass off into a surging Crommy to fire in. The game finished 3-0.

HKFC had brought down the Legends League Trophy and presented it to DBFC so a number of team and individual photos were taken. A number of us did get out to have a couple of very very late celebratory beers.

MOM: This goes to Tita for yet another “rock” performance at centre back then scoring a vital second goal to show the DBFC strikers how it’s done.

DOD: This is certainly Bradders for throwing out the ball in the second half directly to the lone HKFC striker facing the DBFC goal. Although Bradders rescued the situation it could have been 1-1 and Gaffer Gaz could have been in hospital with a heart attack.