DBFC 1 : 3 Spartans

Venue: Happy Valley Pitch 1

Kick Off: 1pm, 17 April 2021.

Squad: Ricky (GK), Leo, David, Morse, Darius (LB, CB, CB, RB), Charlie, Makito, Danny, Enzo (RM, CM, CM, LM), Marco (#10), Ethan (Striker).

Subs: Daniel Moss, Thierry, Ryan, Harwood.

After a goalless first 10 minutes it was the Wanchai Spartans who got on the front foot. As DBFC went 1-0 down to a shot from the right side, hitting the top left corner and gaining the Spartans an advantage. This opened the game up as DBFC pushed for an equaliser, with debut star Makito adding energy to the midfield.

The equaliser came from Ethan Squires who secured a chip over the keeper, bringing the score to 1-1. With the playing field even and the temperature rising, various altercations took place around the pitch as both teams were eager to pull ahead.

Unfortunately it was Spartans with the response, with a shot over the keeper pulling them forward once again. The fourth goal came relatively quickly from the Spartans. Who brought the scoreline to 3-1, as a lucky tap in found its way into the back of the net.

After an encouraging halftime team talk, DBFC went into the second half ready to push on. With the arrival of Zoeller and Mathew to boost the team. This was short lived, as a rough challenge forced Zoeller off with a head injury.

DBFC kept pressing to get back in the game, attempting runs into the box and stopping Spartans from widening the gap. However, the Spartans had closed shop and actively defended their lead to the final whistle. Closing out the game as an unfortunate loss for DBFC.

MOM: Hard day all round, but Danny Loup for an engine like performance

DOD: Dan Moss for vigorously insisting we take the team photo with the backdrop of an old crusty wall – ignoring the beautiful skyline in literally every other direction.