Tropics 2 – DBFC 1

Venue: Wu Shan Recreation Ground Tuen Mun —– 5th March 2016 kick-off 3:00 pm

Squad: Morse, Jordon, Scott H, David, Ben, Ross, Rainer, Sam, Michel, Dirk, Rafa, Alessio, Pascal and Tom

Scorer: David

The week was a nightmare in trying to pull a squad together for this game and was compounded by boss Gazza going away from Hong Kong for 5 days over the weekend. Many injuries and players away / unavailable and having a DBFC Vets game at 11:30 am Saturday morning didn’t help 3 new players were signed up for this game (Ross, Rainer and Michel). Pascal was in a major race the next day so didn’t want to play but agreed to come down and help David with the team management. Tom also agreed to come-down and help out but wary of playing on his recovering broken metatarsal. On Friday David had the numbers but on Saturday morning he was given a head-ache with late pull-outs from Travis and Cristian. Thankfully Alessio and Dirk agreed to last minute change of arrangements to help out. That meant Alessio, Dirk and Morse came straight from one match to play a second. True DBFC grit.

The game was always going to be difficult for DBFC given the number of new faces and occasional players in the squad and also in the knowledge that Tropics had strengthened their squad in recent weeks and were on a winning stretch. Tom Halder stepped up to take charge of the team formation from the touchline. DBFC set up and started well, with JB making some good runs and having joy against their defense but alas no cigar. Then Topics got into their stride and began to dominate the midfield. There centre-backs were very strong and when in possession and had the plan of putting long balls over the top of the DBFC defence. DBFC did not cope particularly well with this Tropic tactic and on the large Wu Shan pitch the gap between them and Alessio in goal was too much to control allowing Tropics forwards to get in behind. DBFC were not learning and eventually a Tropic long ball went through David for the tropics striker to run onto and although alessio came out to block the ball bounce favourably forwards for the Tropics striker to knock into an empty net. DBFC hung on at second best until half time.

Half time talk was positive – with Halder changing things around to get all players game time and giving DBFC more of an outlet on the wing by putting himself and Jordan there.

DBFC started the second half positively with drive but things turned sour when Tropics scored their second goal, which came from a throw-in inside the DBFC half. Some slack marking by DBFC and some lucky bounces allowed Tropics to score a soft goal. DBFC didn’t give up and continued to press the strong Tropics defence and finally pressure paid when a DBFC corner was contested and fell in the box for David to “spin on a dollar” to fire the ball into the Tropics net. DBFC pressed hard in the last 10 minutes with Scotty having a good chance one on one with the tropics keeper only to see his effort trickle past the post and Jordan also with a good chance saw his strong shot on goal go straight into the Tropics keeper’s arms. It wasn’t to be and the game finished with DBFC coming in a close second place.

Mentions to the new signings making their debut and putting in strong performances; The Vets lads (Dirk, Alessio and Morse) for digging deep and lasting out a full second game; hop-a-long Halder for playing a half when another week for his foot was really need; sam for playing with bruised ribs and swollen knee; and Rafa for giving up a race and finding a baby-sitter to be there. Well done lads —— I just hope I don’t have another week like that —- it takes up so much time having to chase, beck and find players —– 40 signed players should be enough to find 11 every week.

MOM – Halder, ran the game well – and played despite only just coming back from injury.

DOD – Ben Robert for a pubic hair like beard.


Reported by David