2nd DBFC match of the season. With 10 players out from the first game of the season and only 6 coming in we made do with 2 subs on a very hot day.

As the bus broke down in DB on the way to the game it was unfortunately a sign of things to come. Late to the ground (although Morse and Jonny were notably ready and on time, unlike the rest of us – well done) the preparation was hurried and not helped by late pullouts by Hans and Captain Adam’s no show.

It started horribly as we went down 3-0 inside 15 minutes. Not pushing up off a goal kick did us for the first, a missed header off a long ball the second and no marking on a set piece for the third. HOWEVER, from that moment onwards we performed well in patches. On top for the rest of the half as we passed the ball better creating plenty of space for Dirk to bomb on down the left. We won several corners in succession not quite managing to convert several decent headed opportunities. Fouad won a stone wall penalty… That Rendall dispatched confidently. Off another bit of pressure the ball broke for Dirk free in the box unfortunately denied by the post.

Second half was rather scrappy. In the heat the team did well but struggled to maintain any fluidity. Jonny almost got on the end of a few through balls/back passes. And Stef made 2 very good saves to keep the us in with a shout.

3-1 defeat.

Overall – disappointing but thanks to the guys today, tough conditions and pullouts really cost us. Except for the first 15 we were competitive and in patches when we moved the ball quicker round the back and across the midfield we looked decent. Moving on to the next game we can rectify the mistakes, and it is important that individuals try to listen and do what is asked of them otherwise the system, the shape goes  out the window and your team mates are put under pressure and suffer.

MOM – Alessio was very solid and tidy in possession in the first half. Stef for his saves in the second.

Contributor: Robbie