Discovery Bay 2 Goodfellas 0

Kick Off: 18:30

Date: March 27 2021

Venue: Aberdeen Sports Ground

Squad: Ricky (GK), Morse, David, Dan (CBs), Leo (LWB), Brendan (RWB), Harwood & Stevie Lang (CMs), Crommy and Zoller (AMs), Ethan (Striker)

Subs: Ryan, David Z, Will, Charlie, Enzo

Scorers: David R and Ethan

As the sun set over a revamped ocean Park, DB were determined not to let the sun set over their season. The pre-match mood was to put things right from a disappointing result last week. DB did some revamping of their own using Gazza’s piggy bank, 50 cent Ricky returned and 10 dollar Zoeller was looking to find his goal scoring form in a Christmas tree formation with Ethan the fairy at the top.
Early chances went to Goodfellas, Ricky pulled off a string of fine saves along with a disallowed goal kept DB in the game. DB sprung to life at a set piece when a STARtled David Rollinson “leapt like a salmon” in his own words to nod DB in front and open up his goal scoring account for the season. This could have settled DB down but instead we maintained our arguing and blaming approach until half time.
After a series of meltdowns and discussions, a switch in formation led to a slightly more settled performance and a few more chances were created. Zoeller was unlucky with a shot that crashed off the crossbar and Morson’s blushes were spared when Ricky made a great save from a dodgy deflection.  Ethan finally finished off his one on one to put DB 2 nil up. More goals could have followed but the linesman had other ideas and was busy showing his friends his new flag to wave off another DB goal.
Not much free flowing football was played in this game, Rollo proceeded to launch his passes high into the outer stratosphere and most of these balls bounced off the forwards like the ideas discussed pre-match.
In the end a win is a win and this keeps the season alive and both of the fans coming back for more after the Easter break.
Plenty of beers followed after the game at the Pier bar, MOM: David & Steve; DOD: Zoeller the Xmas Tree; Moment: Morse acrobatic own goal attempt
Have a nice Easter break everyone and don’t eat too many Easter eggs please Rollo.
Report by Paul Crompton