DBFC 3 – 1 Corinthians

Venue: Po Kong Village Road Pitch 1
Date: 22 June 2022
Kick Off: 7pm

Starting – Ricky (GK) – Ryan (RB), Tita (CB), David (CB), Nik (LB) – Makito (CM), Danny (CM) – Ken (LM), Crommy (AM), Sean (RM) – Pierre (CF)

Subs –Emma, Kieran, Gabriel, Barry, Nick B, Steve

Scorers: Pierre, Nik, Sean

With five matches of the season to go, DBFC commuted out to Po Kong Village Road Park, expecting a tough mid-week fixture against an inform Corinthians. The stress of these vital games in pursuit of the Legal League title was clearly getting to some as Barry decided he was playing for 38 FC, with his shirt on back to front, Gazza panicking as he searched for a replacement keeper until Ricky arriving far ahead of kick off and Kieran finding he was better at counting players in person than he is from a written list, which he reflected on with an expletive-littered rant. Makito, with his Japanese friend Ken, were far more zen with Makito munching on multiple bananas, the fuel that powers his incredible engine.

There was a clash of two styles with DBFC moving the ball (sometimes too quickly) and linking with the wingers, but not always taking a chance to shoot with the ball bobbling on the generous spread of rubber crumb (the pitch). Corinthians played a more territorial approach, a sharp change from our last fixture against J Leaguers, pinning us down on each touchline with set pieces to the target man. This proved effective as Corinthians took the lead from a throw-in. A number of failed attempts to clear bounced down a second time to their midfielder to tidily finish from 18 yards.

Corinthians made it difficult to come back by defending deep. Despite Pierre’s strong hold-up play, it was a while before clear chances were created. Sean fashioned the first, when cutting in from the right, his shot was almost parried out to the on-rushing Danny. The equalizer came from an excellent corner from Crommy, curving and dipping beyond the keeper for Pierre to head home from close range. There was just enough time to hear an opposition player pass criticism of the referee and square up to Tita. Both decisions seemed rather foolish so we couldn’t really agree with him when he asked ‘do you know what I mean?’ as we went off for some oranges

Half-time brought a number of subs. The no longer fuming Kieran made an instant impact demanding the ball and looking to attack down the right wing, where he partnered well with Nick Bradley. Between them, they put a number of crosses into dangerous areas, and won corners from which we looked dangerous, David putting a header over the right post, Tita going close with a volley, and Steve only being able to get a glancing connection from a yard out.

Once he had changed out of his string vest, Emma came on in an attacking position and did well to link with Barry who found more room behind the tiring defence. Sean had the next two chances. The first time, following a jinking dribble at pace, the ball just bounced up as he went to finish with his right. The second, on his more favoured left foot, was put over when under pressure.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man – and the author gets to write as much as he wants about his goal – when one more corner was only partly cleared, Nik won a challenge and followed in to finish from the edge of the box. I would like to think that it was struck with power and pace, but the keeper generously pushed the ball into the bottom corner. Bemusement at having scored was reflected in the rather excitable initial response and when Tita tried to develop a complex skit involving knees, boots and rubbing, this was too confusing. I have decided my new celebration should be something simpler a la Shearer jogging away with one arm up to the Gallowgate end. Look out for that next time I score in 2026.

Schoolboy Sean learnt from this finishing masterclass and next time he found himself one on one with the right-back, went round the outside and fired across the keeper for a 3-1 lead. DBFC then kept control until full-time and were pleased with how they turned the game around. The Rollinson’s were happiest of all as they shared the charming family strife on our way to the Pier bar to recover after the game. All ready for the next match on Saturday against HK Krauts.

MOM: Some really effective halves from those who rotated on and off, including Kieran, Pierre, Nick B, and Emma in his shorter spell (and Sean was dangerous throughout, but got MOM on Saturday), so for the whole game it is Tita that gets the MOM shout for being superb in defence against a physical side, winning headers and covering flick-ons to prevent clear chances and provided the leadership to help turn the game around.

DOD (by sub-reporter David): Kieran McBride – face like thunder because he had to walk up a hill (which he did not know existed) – exacerbated by the fact he thought the kick of time was 8pm and therefore had a burger in Mong Kok at 620 – before realising he would be late and rushing to the game. Further to that, DBFC have had to add a new rule to Whatsapp’s – adding numbers! This is due to Keiran bemoaning the sheer number of players we have, despite being the last player to add his name to the list!!