DBFC 45s 0-0 KCC 45s

Monday 6 November at King’s Park, K.O. 9p.m.

Squad: Mark/ Kieran C, Matija, Morse, Mike/ Brendon, Neil M, O’B, Will, Kieran M/ Fouad. Initial subs: Adam, Patric, John, Steve.

We were strengthened on the day of the game with Matija and Morse signing up at the last minute so we started them both at CB in the expectation that KCC’s prolific striker would show up, which he didn’t. We knew that KCC would start quickly with their allowance of 5 40-45s, which they did. KCC dominated the possession for most of the first half but we gradually grew into the game and looked threatening close to goal. At HT we thought we were in a strong position and brought on John for KC, Patric for Mike and Adam for Brendon. In the second half we managed to get more possession going forward and our 3 man CM of Neil, O’B and Will were generally in control. We started to create clear chances – first Fouad through on goal but shooting wide, then another effort straight at the GK after a pass across the box; finally Fouad was brought down by GK for the clearest of penalties but the referee tried to play the advantage. Brendon had a great chance to score after a pass to him across the area but he put it higher than Row Z. Meanwhile Mark at the other end was confidently doing his business but had no chance with a KCC effort against the bar in the final 5 minutes. So it ended a rare 0-0 draw on the small King’s Park pitch 2 in a game where we did enough to take all 3 points.