DBFC 45s 0-7 Fei Yeung

Saturday 29 April 2023 at South China Athletic Association, K.O. 1.30p.m.

Team: Bradders/ Anago, Will H, Steve, Kieran C/ Adam, Thierry, OB, Simon, Neil M/ Greg.

Initial subs: Mike C, Ricky, Cris.

This was another opportunity to test ourselves against a team of ex and current players with connections to South China FC. As a result of our previous two encounters, we knew exactly what to expect against a team that dominates possession and relies on a few younger players to open up the opposition with precision passing and pace to get behind the Back 4. After a week of scrambling for a team, we were grateful to get out a squad, with particular thanks to Bradders who was carrying an injury, Greg as our sole striker who had played the night before, and Kieran who managed to sign up ex HK captain Cris Cordeiro. From the very beginning, the game followed a predictable pattern with us working hard to contain the opposition but unable to get any quality possession moving forward. Fei Yeung employed a young play maker in CM who was able to pick passes behind our defence for their mobile front players. They went 3-0 up in the first 20 minutes, effectively killing the game as a contest. Cris came on after 30 minutes for Will and immediately added some assurance to our defence but the spaces only seemed to get bigger as the game progressed. 0-5 at HT but no particular reason to be despondent – everyone was working hard and staying positive. We re-grouped for the 2nd half with Thierry and Cris at CB and most of the team rotating at regular intervals to get a quick break. We did manage finally to create a few chances – Greg hit the bar and set up a couple of half chances for Ricky; but in the meantime Fei Yeung scored a couple more in the third quarter of the game. Thierry got close enough to their CF to ask his age, 21, which pretty much sums up why we had a difficult afternoon. Despite the result, it is always an enjoyable and friendly game against Fei Yeung at a great pitch and location, and good preparation for our upcoming busy (at last) fixture list for May and June.