DBFC O45 – Godfathers 2:3 (HT: 0:2)

Date: 25th July 2022, 19.30h kick-off

Venue: HKU Sandy Bay 1

Squad: Newley, Dirik, Wakas, Martin R., OB, Kieran C., Neil Mac, Andy S., Jo, Resco, Patric, Nick, Juggsy, Nigel, Mike, Pedro

Goals: Martin R. (pen), Jo

Match report:

After losing 2:5 against the Barbarians the week before the team wanted to get back on winning ways and what better occasion to do that against our longtime rivals Godfathers. We got a decent squad of 16 players together with 4 new players (Andy Scouse, Wakas, Martin R. and Nigel) who made their debut for the DBFC O45 team.

After having conceded a couple of goals in the past 3 league games, we decided to bring more stability into our defense and therefore changed our starting formation from a 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1 in order to reinforce our defensive line and have more bodies in midfield, so that we could challenge the strong opponent already in their build-up in their own half. We started the game cautiously and tried to not concede a goal early in the game. But already after 10 minutes Newley had to pick the ball from the back of his net. The two new DBFC Central defenders were still debating who will be marking Godfathers striker when he pass-by them and released a shot low to the far post of our keeper to score for Godfathers. Despite being one nil down after 10 minutes we tried to stay positive and continue to play our game by using our two wingers to carry the ball into Godfathers half but the passing in the first 20 minutes wasn’t accurate and we often lost the ball already in our own half to the opponent. In one of these occasions where we lost once more the ball in midfield, one of the Godfathers players picked-up the ball and run towards our box. None of the DBFC midfield players challenged him, so he decided to take a shot at the edge of the DBFC box and scored a fantastic goal on the top right corner leaving Newley with no chance to save that shot. 0:2 after 15 minutes and it looked again that it will be one of these evening where we will probably concede a couple of goals again like in the 3 previous league games.

After 20 minutes we took a first water break where ad-interim coach Pedro decided to make a couple of changes in defense as well as in midfield. Andy S. moved from central defense to offensive midfield in order to give our team more support in our attacking game and to block Godfathers build-up already in their own half. Martin R. came on for Nigel but took Andy’s place in central defense alongside with Wakas and Dirik and Nick came off too and were replaced by Kieran C. and Jo accordingly.

These couple of changes after 20 minutes had an immediate impact on the DBFC game. With Martin winning every ball in defense and brining more stability into the defensive line and at the same time contributing with his accurate long passing balls to our wingers and striker Patric. Andy moves into offensive midfield also helped us to win more balls back in midfield and with him releasing the ball quickly to our wingers or to Patric we were able to play more in Godfathers half than in the first 20 minutes. We slowly started to take over control of the midfield and have more ball possession but still not able to create many goal scoring opportunities in the first half.

At halftime we decided to start the second half with the same team since we saw in the last 20 minutes of the first half some good actions and better organization from the DBFC players that were on the pitch at that time.

At the start of the second half DBFC immediately took control of the game and everyone played with more aggression and determination because we felt that we could turn this game still around. Andy S. was pushing more and more into Godfathers half and Kieran C. made some good runs on the right wing with some nice crosses to Patric. DBFC was keep attacking over the wings and Andy S. received the ball from Kieran C. inside Godfathers box and could only be stopped with a foul by one of the Godfathers defender. The referee immediately pointed to the penalty spot and Martin R. stepped up to the challenge and coolly converted the penalty with a strong shot into the left side sending Godfathers goalkeeper to the other direction. 1:2 after 50 minutes and DBFC players started to believe that we can get something out of this game. After this first goal for DBFC the team kept pressing and continue to use the width of the pitch by attacking over the wings with Kieran C. and Jo making some good runs behind the defense of Godfathers. It was just a matter of time when DBFC would score another goal. A few minutes just before the next water break at 60th minute Jo received the ball inside Godfathers box and fired a hard shot which Alessio in Godfathers goal could only deflect to the cross bar and from there it went into the back of the net. 2:2 and still more than 20 minutes left to play for DBFC to maybe even get all 3 points from Godfathers tonight.

After the water break in the second half, we did some other changes to bring some fresh legs back in for the last 20 minutes. Juggsy came on as right fullback moving Kieran C. back into midfield and Jo and OB came off brining Dirik and Resco back into the game. DBFC continue to keep the pressure on Godfathers defense and had a couple of good chances to score another goal but either the shots went too wide or were saved by Alessio. Godfathers had only one good opportunity to score in the second half with a free kick just at the edge of DBFC box where Newley had to made a good save to prevent Godfathers to score a third goal.

With 3 minutes left on the clock and both teams ready to settle to share the points tonight when suddenly one of the Godfathers player won the ball back in midfield and decided at the edge of the box to release a soft shot in direction of Newley’s goal and the shot was going straight to Newley that had played so far an excellent game but to the disbelief of all DBFC players he let the ball slip through his hands and the ball slowly felt behind the goal-line for the winner for Godfathers. 2:3 for Godfathers and not enough time for DBFC to bounced back a third time.

It was a very unlucky defeat in a game where DBFC players showed an excellent fighting spirit and a never give up attitude during the entire game. But we are confident with the performance showed especially in the second half; we can build-up on that performance for our next league game and we will be able to win a game again. Heads up lads, well played and we will get the 3 points next time!

Man of the Match: Martin Rainer for his outstanding performance as central defender and for scoring a great penalty in the first half. Worth mentioning also Andy Scouse relentless chasing of the ball in midfield and for creating some good goal scoring opportunities for Patric, Jo and Resco.

Report by Pedro