DBFC 45s 2 : 5 Barbarians

Location: KGV
Kick-off: 9pm
Date: Monday 18th of July

Initial lineup: Mark, Dirik, Pedro, Alex, Doug, Neil Mac, Yin, Shyne, OB, Patric, Pierre-Olivier

Initial sub: Resco, Juggsy, Martin, Arnaud

Scorers 1st half: Patric (tap in from a perfect cross from Pierre-Olivier) and Dirik (nice header to the far post on a corner kick from Yin)

Last night’s game was nowhere near as bad as the scoreline suggests

2-0 down we pulled one back in the first 10 minutes. We were a bit all over the place as players familiarised themselves with each other but after about 15 minutes settled down and were looking the better team. We definitely had chances to equalise but went into half time 2-1 down.

Second half we created three great chances straight from the kick off, but putting two wide and one was well saved. They went down the other end and scored. Then got another from distance. We fell apart for 10 minutes whilst people over compensated, but then we scored a great header. 5-2

With 15 left it was really all us. We missed a penalty and missed another 4 or 5 great chances as well.

Final score 5-2 but it should’ve been 8-8.

DoD: Missed penalty by Yin with 20 minutes left on the click and the score line 2:5 for Barbarians

Final score: 2:5

MoM: Pierre-Olivier for never giving up and for creating a lot of space upfront for our other strikers and for having created the most scoring opportunities during the entire game