DBFC 45s 5 – 1 SIA

20:30 So Kon Po (Grass), Causeway Bay

Squad: Newley(gk), SWoz, Neil Mac, Morse, Neil OL, Anago, Kieran C, Chris OB, Baz, Yin, Will O, Adam, Sam Riley, Fouad, Nik and Greg.

Scores: Greg x2, Yin x2, Nik

The last game of an extended season saw Steve send out the invite to all his super troupers.

Resco sent a late message to say not sure if he could make it, but Steve had said the squad was still decent enough that we knew we would be OK with or without you.

Pre match talk was all about don’t stop believin’, you gotta have faith.
when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and we need you tonight.
with the long grass underneath players were urged to push it more than normal, and if we could get the ball wide whip it in.

After having to play with 7 side goals last week, which turned it into a bit of a Blue Monday, and had sparked a Chain reaction where everything counts and goals scored would be important and even though it was against all odds, nobody felt Under Pressure.

The rain and wet conditions, and bringing the wrong boots meant that if I’m still standing at the end, it wouldn’t be too much of an embarrassment.

The game started and time after time, chances were created, but a solid defence from SIA meant that when we did beat it, the woodwork got in the way and we wouldn’t score all night long. SIA were livin’ on a prayer.

The breakthrough came and after the first goal, a sledgehammer from Yin, there was a sense of belief that nothing’s gonna stop us now.
The second followed shortly after, a different corner saw greg jump and beat the keeper, you could feel there was something in the air tonight.

The subs on the side were saying to Steve don’t you forget about me and took it on themselves to go on, leading to a change of positions and the full backs telling the new wide players don’t stand so close to me, find the space.

Half time Steve not happy but he said papa don’t preach Second half we just need to Relax. Just go out and express yourself. Everyone got the message.

The pitch was deteriorating and it felt like we were running up that hill, with the cloudbusting rain making parts of the pitch look like Islands in the stream. at times it looked a bit like an ice rink with lots of players free falling.

All the players were pressing for more goals and thinking if there was any chance of the title – we were never Gonna give you up. It was turning into a thriller.

Fouad kept trying to get into position bit was frustrated by the linesman- constant shouts of I want to break free from the french winger.

SIA got a consolation goal, a mix up in defence- a case of should I stay or should I go, led to the ball breaking to the opposition.

Nick was everywhere and after dribbling through half the team and getting his legs kicked out from under him was just asking for a little respect, true, he looked like he was holding back the years, playing like a youngster, and he couldn’t resist the opposition defence saying take on me.

The pitch was getting heavier and players were feeling it with every breath you take, Steve made more subs, sending Morse on with the instructions you’re the voice in the middle.

The team were still creating chances but sometimes it looked like the last time we missed this many chances was the summer of 69. Whilst not quite a winner takes it all match, we knew we had to try and be simply the best.

Gregs last competitive game he turned around and said I’ve had the time of my life, I’m going to score a goal that will take my breath away, probably once in a lifetime.

Whilst everybody wants to rule the world, unfortunately it probably wasn’t enough to be another day in paradise, that’s just the way it is, a cruel Summer. back to the ferry pier after you win again, for a couple of glasses of red red wine.

If we don’t win the league it’s been another great season and I guess that’s why they call it the blues.