DBFC 7 – 0 Soho Spartans

Venue: Happy Valley Pitch #1

Date: Saturday 20th November 2021

Kick-off: 15:00 hrs.
Squad: Ricky, David, Morse, Wai, Leo, James, Benji, Amit, Nick B, Makito, Krisna, Darius, Nik, Kieran, Crommy and Saar.

Scorers: Krisna x2, Benji, Amit, Makito, David and James

Once again DBFC struggled during the week to confirm a full squad for this game, ending with confirmation of 12 players by Friday afternoon but fortunately 16 players on Saturday morning, thanks to guys managing to rearrange their engagements / plans. So DBFC had a very strong squad.

Morse got the hearts beating with his usual pre-match warm up before Gaffer Gaz laid out the game strategy, which required players not to take lightly our opposition being bottom of Division 1 and get their heads in gear to start strong and fast. However, DBFC started slowly and it was Soho on top the first 10 or 15 minutes of the game. Their wingers were getting around the DBFC right and left back (Wai and Leo) and crossing the ball into the DBFC box causing Centre backs Nik and David and keeper Ricky problems. One time a ball into the box was met with a shot that Ricky saved and further shots from the rebound were blocked by David and then Nik with last ditch tackles, to see the ball roll out to the 18 yards’ line and the soho player smacking his shot off the bar to come back out and be cleared. This was the wakeup call and DBFC players started to warm and take control allowing flowing passing football to work forward and a more organized back line controlling the wingers.

DBFC then went ahead through David who scored a great header from a corner. This was good timing as it relieved a lot of pressure from DB and took the wind out of the Soho Spartan sails, we then soon after got our second goal when Makito scored a free kick from from quite a long way out. This was a really good free kick and justified his position as a new DBFC free kick taker.

We went in at half time two nil up and considering the start we had we were quite happy with this. Towards the end of the half we were creating far more chances and so the half time team talk was about keeping things going and making sure we didn’t give anything away at the back and get a few early goals in the second half to make things easy. Morse came on for David and James came on from Makito.

The second half started well and we were soon three nil up when Benji managed to get on the end of a cross, sliding in well to score a goal at the far post. Three very quickly became four as DB started to take real control of the game with Krisna scoring a good goal from the edge of the box. We rounded up the scoring with James scoring a screamer to make it 5 nil, Amit then finishing a great move to make it 6 nil and then Krisha scoring again to round up the scoring and make it 7.

Overall a very good performance from DBFC with Amit the man of the match running around and scoring a great goal. Benji was a close second – both of them controlled the game very well. It was also good to see Crommy come on and make a 10 minute appearance, coming back from injury, hopefully we can see him more in December

MOM: Amit
DOD: James for his so called major injury