A small but committed bunch of DBFC players participated for the first time in the 2016 German All Stars 7’s tournament in Bangkok early April.

With only 7 players available all tournament long in the heat of the Thai capital, the expectations were not sky high but the performances proved to be reasonably good considering the lack of fresh legs.

DBFC team, filled with experience topped its group and qualified for the last 16.

Unfortunately, the early Sunday morning kick off (9.15 am) did not bring us luck and we lost on penalties after a true defensive performance against a local team full of subs.

Anyway, we took our revenge against the penalty shoot-outs drama exercise and qualified for the 1/2 finals of the plate.

Definitely out of gas, DBFC did not find the necessary juice to bounce back after conceding an early goal and said bye-bye to a potential medal.

Our opponent for the 11th place game having lost some players due to injury, we could finally have some rest and well deserved beers to celebrate our ranking: 11th over 24 teams.

Not a so bad result for the only team in the tournament without any sub during all games excepted a cameo appearance from a Peng Chau surfer.

It was an easy job for the DBFC captain as nobody got frustrated over being substituted or sidelined. All players got plenty (too much) of game time in extreme conditions and every game really was a battle.

Apart from the first game where DBFC players found themselves surprisingly fresh, all the other ones were very close and we did our best to proudly represent DBFC on the pitch. It was not an easy task to score against us as we played all tournament long with a  solid formation, serious tactics and generous efforts.

Gianluca making the goals look smaller,

Gazza looking younger than ever on his flank,

Alessio “Gattuso” not leaving any chance to his counterparts,

Thierry controlling the defense and always being a threat on offensive corners,

Martin bringing his sportsmanship and motivation to his teammates,

Pascal trying to close the gaps between lines and being the link between the midfield and…

Sam “the rookie” who scored 3 goals and ran all over the pitch.

A truly good spirit, a perfect weekend, a wonderful experience –> we will surely come back next year!


Saturday 2nd of April (group stage games – 22 minutes per game):

DBFC – Anza Lions (Australia-New Zealand) = 3-0

goals: Pascal, Sam & Martin

DBFC – German All Stars Singapore = 1-2

goal = Thierry

DBFC – Shanghai Voodoo = 1-0

goal = Sam

Sunday 3rd of April (knock-out phase – 18 minutes per game):

Cup qualifier game:

DBFC – German All Stars Bangkok = 0-0 (4-5 pen)

Plate 1/4 final:

DBFC – Saigon Reunited = 1-1 (3-2 pen)

goal = Sam

Plate 1/2 final:

DBFC – Olympic Barbarians (Vietnam) = 0-1

Game for 11th place:

DBFC – French Socceroos (all over Asia) = 3-0 (forfeit)