Where and When: King George fifth (KGV) school field on 27 February 2023 at 21:00 kick-off
Squad:  Travis, Tita, Nin, Anago, Nik, Jonatan, San, Tong, Crommy, Kwai, Chu, Sammy and
Magic Mike.

Scorers: Nik and Sammy
Once again DBFC Vets struggled for numbers for this game but the introduction of Tong’s
friend Ah Chu and the late confirmations from Nin and Kwai made things a lot more

BTDT turned up with many players and started energetically to compete for the ball and kicking
it long to their very good and quick striker. However, it wasn’t long before DBFC Vets took
control with slick passing around the back and through San and Jonatan in centre-midfield.
DBFC were penetrating successfully with Sammy and Tong at right and left midfield
respectively and getting the ball into Crommy and Kwai playing as the two forward strikers.
Many chances just were not put away, with some good saves from the BTDT keeper.
Kwai was replaced on 30 minutes by the late arriving Magic Mike and 3 minutes after he came
on DBFC got the break-through goal, not by Mike but by our ubiquitous left back Nik the Light.
And light on his feet Nik proved to be as he rose up like an injured budgie to head in at the far
post following a Crommy corner. DBFC Vets 1-0 up.

Play continued and the pressure was all DBFC and chance after chance came and went without
finding the bottom of the onion sack. BTDT still battled and relied on the long ball to their
striker, so Tita and Nin at Centre-back needed to be alert to cut-out any chance of BTDT
breaking through the DBFC defensive line. Travis in goal had no real issues just tidy keeping of
back passes and wishful shots from BTDT.

The second half started as the first finished with DBFC pressing and creating chances. Tong was
replaced by new recruit Ah Chu at half time and gave fresh energy down the right flank. BTDT
were well organized at the back, and kept a compact formation to stifle DBFC efforts to score.
BTDT’s many substitutes were telling as tired legs were showing in the DBFC ranks as the game
wore on and after 10 minutes Kwai came back on at right back to replace a hard working Anago.
However, with 20 minutes of the second half gone it was a long over the top ball by Tita for
Supersonic Sammy to burst through the BTDT back line and round the BTDT keeper to slot into
an empty net that relieved any pressure on the DBFC team. With 15 minutes left to play Tong
came on to replace Sammy at left midfield came and the DBFC Vets saw out the rest of the game
comfortably to finish 2-0 winners.