DBFC Vets 3 – 0 Godfathers (Champions League Cup)

27 November 2017 at KGV 9:00 pm kick-off

Squad: Gianluca (GK), Baz (RB), Matija and Nick H (CBs), Gazza (LB and Captain), Stefano and Morse (CM) Rainer (LM) Sam (RM) Crommy and Nick D (up-top) subs: Steve W, Mo and Moti.

Scorers: Nick Dunn x2 (assists both by Crommy) and Mohamed Elmalt (assist by Moti)

This was the first of DBFC Vet’s Champions’ League group matches (USRC, FWD and KCC being the other teams in the group) and DBFC Vets ran out comfortable winners. Gianluca assembled a squad of 14 players and with a number of the team’s usual stars away this was an opportunity for others to get a decent amount of game time. DBFC Vets started confidently passing the ball around with some good inter-play to open many opportunities on goal. Unfortunately, the luck wasn’t with DBFC Vets for the first 30 minutes and Godfathers, sitting deep in defensive mode, hung on to keep the score goalless. However, persistence with passing to work a goal resulted in two goals in the last 10 minutes of the first half: nice passing interplay down the left allowed Paul Crompton to get in the box and flick the ball through to Nick Dunn to fire in and a corner by Paul Crompton was met just off the goal line by Nick Dunn’s knees to get his second. The second half started as the first with DBFC Vet’s pressing for goals while Godfathers defended in numbers and looked for the long ball forward for counter attacks. Again DBFC Vets had lots of chances and were very close to scoring but frustrated by Godfather’s defence until a cross from the left by Moti Nahmias was met at the far post by new man Mohamed Elmalt to smash in from 10 yards.