DBFC Vets 3 – 3 HKFC Vets

HKFC Sports Road on Friday 1st March 2019 with a 20:30 kick-off

Squad: Bradders (GK), Thierry, Steve W, Baz, Morse, Pascal (Captain), William, Ariel, Rudi, Crommy, Scottie, Dirk, Steve R, Angelo,

Scorers: Crommy, Scotty and William

DBFC Vets took on the HKFC Vets in perfect conditions for quality football last Friday night. With a well organised warm up from Baz and a strong DB team picked by Pascal, DBFC Vets started brightly.  Snappy passing across midfield saw the ball make its way to Ariel on the right who picked a floated cross to Rudi who cushioned the ball down to Crommy in the 6 yard box who finished with precision.

As the half wore on DBFC asserted their control over HKFC with slick passing. It was then a bit of a surprise that a rare break from HKFC led to a corner, which after bouncing awkwardly in front of Bradders in goal was pounced on by HKFC’s aggressive pensioner Centre Back (Lanty).

DBFC Vets were quickly back in control and a quick passing move down the right saw Pascal whip in a cross that Scotty met with his well-timed run into the far post for a nice goal. DBFC Vets pressed for more goals but they didn’t come and the half finished 2-1.

Into the second half DBFC Vets retained control but the cutting edge was lacking as chance after chance went begging. Finally after 15 minutes great passing play resulted in Crommy getting to the by-line on the left and pulled a cross back across the HKFC 18 yard box that William met with a well-timed run and a thunderous shot into the corner of the HKFC net, leaving their goal keeper no chance at stopping. DBFC continued their attacking football but more chances went begging. Meanwhile, a few errors and indecisive defending by DBFC resulted in HKFC coming close to scoring, only stopped by great keeping from Bradders. These wobbles began to give HKFC some hope and with 10 minutes to go a lofted ball over the top of the DBFC defence, some 40 yards out from the DBFC goal, was misjudged by Morse and his fresh air swing resulted in him falling and leaving the HKFC striker (Anton) to run on one on one with Bradders and finish neatly to bring the score to 3-2. This didn’t stop DBFC from pressing for another goal and they came close a couple of times but HKFC tails were up for a draw and the last 10 minutes was end to end football.  Two minutes remained on the clock when a strong but what looked a fair challenge just outside the 18 yard “D” was penalised by the referee (favouring HKFC) for a controversial free kick for HKFC. It was ex DBFC player Martin Rainer that stepped up and blasted the ball at the wall at just above knee level. The DBFC wall shied and turned to leave gaps, which the ball shot through into the corner of the DBFC goal. The referee blew for full time immediately after the restart and DBFC were left feeling they were robbed. However, on reflection, knowing how strong HKFC are in the legends league, DBFC would have taken a draw if offered before kick-off.

MOM: Many players were excellent but it was Crommy that was on fire for this game. He is now obviously focussing on playing good football since Gazza knocked him from his thoughts of being a good golfer.

DOD: Again a few players have a shot at this honour. William for somehow missing an open goal, Morse for missing his last man clearance with a fresh air kick that led to HKFC second goal, Ariel for giving away a free-kick in front of a DBFC well manned defence and Thierry / Steve R for not standing firm in the wall to stop the shot fired directly at them: Morse gets it.

Reported by Steve Rudall

Editing by Gazza