DBFC Vets 4 – 0 Godfathers
King George Fifth (KGV) School Pitch
20th March 2023 with 21:00 kick off

Squad: Bradders – Kwai, Nin, Riggers, Nik – Jonatan, Pius, Ka Wing – Crommy, Pierre-Olivier, Sammy, Emerson, Magic Mike, Guy Jr, Tita, Anago, and Fai

Scorers: Nik x2, Crommy and Ka Wing

DBFC arrived at KGV with a large squad thanks to Nin rising from his sick-bed, Pierre-Olivier returning from injury for a bite of the action against Godfathers (supported by Mama PO who knows quality sport when she sees it) alongside various comrades and compatriots filling out a strong squad. Kwai started out at right back knowing that a strong defence would be vital in this game, even with our regular heavyweights of Legends League football – Godfathers – unusually finding themselves some way down the league table. Jonatan would be saying “So Long and farewell” in this, his final start for DBFC before moving his work and family back to Sweden whilst DBFC new recruit Ka Wing indicated his own Swedish tribute by saying “Take a Chance on Me” for joining Jonatan at centre mid-field in his first time in the DBFC starting line-up.

The game started with DBFC struggling with maintaining possession, although Pierre-Olivier was a lively outlet as Godfathers hoped to hit a sucker punch on the counter attack. Their pressing led to a few chances but their strikers couldn’t lay a glove on Bradders’ goal. Eventually DBFC became more composed and broke the Godfather’s defensive lines, particularly through Crommy and Sammy on the wings.

10 minutes in, Crommy won a free-kick and delivered a perfect paced cross into the Godfathers’ goal box at about 8 yards out. Godfathers’ defence had obviously heard about Nik’s 50p head so left him unmarked, but they had not taken into account his new lid fashioned by his barber and Nik met Crommy’s cross full on to bullet home a header and give DBFC the lead. Soon after Crommy found himself in a similar position in open play on the left wing to fire in a cross-cum-shot that went over the top of the keeper into the Godfathers’ net. That put DBFC two-nil up after 20 minutes and things were looking more comfortable.

A reportedly tired Sammy was looking rather spritely on the right wing and had the beating of the Godfathers’ left back. When he cut inside a fierce drive was well saved at full stretch, whilst going to the byline, he twice played cut backs which Pierre-Olivier and Pius could have done better with. In the latter part of the half, Sammy played a simple ball across the box, Pius considered the options in his usual nonchalant way, and rolled the ball to Ka Wing for a fine strike into the top corner for a 3-0 half-time lead.

There were a number of late arrivals to this game meaning most substitutions were made at half-time or early in the second half to get everyone some game time. This of course meant that DBFC lost a bit of rhythm, structure and familiarity that inevitably led to a lot of disjointed play. Meanwhile Godfathers came out swinging, with their “Dancing Queen” in midfield taking a Swedish theme by laying some knocks on Jonatan after targeting Pius in the first half. As DBFC lost their compact shape, Godfathers were able to pump balls forwards though their striker couldn’t make a good fist of them initially.

Eventually, Godfathers had some clearer chances and it looked like a clean sheet might by “Slipping Through Our Fingers”. Godfathers were down but not out and we had Bradders to thank for a number of excellent parries, including one at full stretch near the top corner and beating their attacker to the punch when a one-on-one opportunity presented itself.

Godfathers faced their Waterloo in the final minutes. Sammy’s perfect corner was met again by Nik’s new hair cut with a header that was too powerful for the keeper and defender on the post to keep out and give a final 4-0 score line. DBFC take all three points in their push for the legends league title and also provide a happy ending to Jonatan’s last game as “One of Us” in a DBFC shirt. Everyone acknowledged Jonatan as mister reliable for availability for DBFC Vets games and his contribution to the team’s winning streak. A great player, a real gentleman and we wish him all the best of luck and fortune with his family back in Sweden. A place in our team is always there for Jonatan on his visits back to Hong Kong. He is a “Super Trooper”