DBFC Vets 4 – 2 USRC 1911
Friday 13th October 2017 @ Kings Park sports Ground

9:00 pm kick-off
Squad: Alessio (GK) Riggers and Zin (CBs) Dan Lye and Thierry (CMs) Morse (LB) Dirk (RB and Captain) Pascal (RM) Rafa and Moti (up top) Rainer (LM) —- Subs: Gazza, Pat D, KC, Snelly and Kieran McK —- Gianluca (manager)
Scorers: Dan Lye x3 (assists Rafa, Thierry and Rainer) and Kieran McK (assist KC)

This was a classic match that saw DBFC Vets being second best for most of the game up to the last 20 minutes. DBFC Vets got the football working properly in the last 20 minutes to bang in 4 goals.
Gianluca announced the squad on Tuesday morning but found himself dealing with drop outs, many on game day, and worked wanders to get replacement players to maintain a full squad. Such is the depth of players for DBFC Vets but credit to Gianluca to give as many registered players as possible game time.
The first 15 minutes of this game were very positive for DBFC Vets pushing forward with some decent passing moves and balls played into spaces for Rafa and Moti to get on to. There were at least 3 great opportunities to score and one in particular that defied logic to stay out of the USRC net. Moti got on the end of a through ball, which was a little over-hit and turned his shot against the post from an acute angle. The ball came straight back to Moti and he hit the second shot against the same post. It wasn’t over; the ball fell to Rainer following in from the left and his shot from the same narrow angle hit the USRC keeper and spilled out in front of the USRC goal where Moti had peeled off to. This surely was a certainty at 8 yards out and a big big empty goal? No! Moti managed to put it high and wide. The crowd sighed in disbelieve but settled in the thought that all this DBFC pressure would soon pay dividends. How wrong the crowd was! Dan Lye was replaced by Snelly to go RM and Pascal to CM. Rainer came off for Kieran McK as CF, with Moti moving to LM. USRC settled and DBFC Vets seemed to be sitting deeper and deeper and their football became rushed and panicky, resorting to long kicks up the field. Soon USRC took advantage by getting hold of a loose pass from the DBFC defence into midfield and their striker fired a shot over the top of Alessio. DBFC Vets did well at keeping the score at 1-0 for half time.
Half time talk asked the players to concentrate on getting the football passing going and not to sit deep. Moti came off for Dan Lye to come back on at CM (Pascal going to LM) and KC (Kieran Chan) replaced Captain Dirk at RB with the arm band being passed to Pascal.
The start to the second half was a disaster, as within 2 minutes USRC had their second goal. Hesitation by DBFC defence and a spinning ball from a deflected high ball towards the DBFC goal resulted in the USRC forward breaking through to go one on one with Alessio and coolly chip the ball over his spreading dive. DBFC Vets were shell shocked and withstood USRC pressure for 15 minutes before Zin came off for Thierry to go CB with Riggers, Snelly came off for Rainer to go LM and Pascal to go CM with Dan. DBFC Vets immediately settled into passing the ball, which resulted in Rafa collecting the ball in front of the USRC defence and turning to dribble past 3 USRC players as he headed towards goal, only to be tripped as he was bursting through. Then came a moment of magic from Dan Lye when, at 20 yards out, he ripped the free-kick over the USRC wall to smash off the underside of the bar and into the net. At this point the crowd stood with an enormous roar not only for the goal but for seeing Gazza entering the arena to replace Morse at left back. Pat D came on for Snelly at RM but the roar wasn’t as big for Pat, in fact it was a murmur. Belief was now back with a more balanced DBFC Vets set-up and we pressed for the equalizer, which soon came. KC struck the ball forward with precision weight (it wasn’t just a panicky clearance) to drop over the USRC centre-back and into the path of turbo charged Kieran McK to delicately lob the ball over the advancing USRC keeper for a great goal to make the score 2-2 and 10 minutes left to play. DBFC Vets didn’t stop there and battered the USRC goal to win a series of corners. Thierry and Riggers had the USRC defenders in panic by their aerial dominance and it was Thierry that was pulled back by the USRC CB to stop him getting to a corner towards the far post. Referee didn’t hesitate to give a penalty and it was Cool Dan Lye to slot it home and put DBFC Vets 3-2 up with 5 minutes to go. Moti came on to replace Rafa up front. USRC pressed high looking for an equalizer and managed to hit the post from a scrabble in the box (I’m sure Alessio had it covered). USRC were vulnerable to the counter and some good football was played down the left that resulted in the goal of the game. Gazza won the ball from the USRC attack and calmly played a need pass inside to Riggers instead of a panicky clearance. Riggers played it out to Rainer who took it down the left and played inside to Dan, played back to Gazza on the left and a quick pass into Rainer. Rainer played a one two with Moti before turning inside to Dan who dropped his shoulder and turned inside to loose the USRC CB, making space to rifle a bullet shot into the top corner from 20 yards out. This was a great goal from some great team passing. DBFC Vets saw out the remaining 3 minutes without worries to notch up a great comeback win.
MOM: Every player deserves a shout in this game for the never die spirit but it is Dan Lye that takes the honour for a great second half performance and a great Hat-trick.
DOD: Moti was a strong contender for this for hitting the post twice and missing an open goal in the same attacking move. However, the honour goes to KC (Kieran Chan) who after not long being on the field at right back, at the side of the pitch where his team mates and the crowd were situated, collected a pass and moved forward to confront the USRC left-mid player. Kieran moved the ball forward, shimmied and dropped his shoulder as if he intended to go past the player, then stopped as if he changed his mind to pass the ball and in doing so kicked the ground and fell over for the ball to remain. Luckily nothing came from the free gift to USRC but the episode was comical. KC had the last laugh after being part of the winning last 20 minutes.
Words from the manager (Gianluca):
MOM: on a day where everybody gave 110% (Robin you would have been proud, that’s all I ask of our players) Danny stood out; not only for the hat tricks but because he totally took control of the game, dictated the pace and was basically the boss.
So Danny be ready for 10 minutes out every game just to piss you off.
DOD: KC man you know I love you but …your kick to the ground followed by you falling on your arse was something different. Your perfectly glaswegian “shit” said it all I guess. Extensive damage to the carpet, Gazza Dirk be ready with the check, probably have to raise annual fees!
Moment OM: Danny’s 3rd goal was something; question is would you have taken the shot without 16 of us screaming “shoot” or would you have kept dribbling?
SPECIAL MENTION: I should really say everybody for the spirit and effort but the boys that came on while 2 down won it for us which says it all, question is did I fuck up the starting line up or did the right changes?
Damn you making my job more difficult.
Zin thanks mate, I convinced him to play under painkillers and while heavily drugged, after 5 years, he confessed! “Thanks man, you did right to sub ne because I would never ask”, now you are on record.
Morse as well played when he probably shouldn’t have and performed as well and I broke him. Gazza beers on me.

Finally, I am starting to enjoy this managing thing which is really scary!
Thanks everybody for not complaining, for helping pointing out things at me from the side took me a few extra minutes but you were right, for playing out of position and generally giving 110% as my mentor taught me !