DBFC Vets 5 – 1 KCC Monarchs

Date: 23 November 2020 at 9pm KO.

Venue: Kings Park Pitch #2

Squad: Niel, Brendon, Brendan, Pedro, Patric, Bradders, Crommy, Cian, Chris, San, Kwai, Nin, Kieran, Scotty, Morse and Ping

Scorers: Crommy x2, Chris, Scott and Cian.

There was a good DBFC Vets turn-out for this legends league fixture with a couple of new players to introduce; Cian and Nin. So Captain Crommy went with a 4-4-2 formation on the long narrow KP pitch 2, advising all subs that a good share of game time would be afforded them all.

KCC Monarchs had been stuffed in their last two league fixtures so despite young Captain Crommy’s warning not to be complacent, the game started without the composure needed to build the football, as the vets normally do. It seemed to be a more direct route and surprisingly KCC were well organised and with DBFC pushing forward they got caught with numerous off-side calls. KCC were always a threat on the break.

Tensions eased somewhat when DBFC got a deserved first goal from some nice passing work down the left and a cross from Chris for Crommy to simply slot home. However, despite the added pressure by DBFC for a second goal, it was KCC that got an equaliser from a corner that somehow was prodded towards goal at the far post and Bradders could only fumble the ball over the line.

This seemed to be a wake-up call for DBFC and their second goal soon after arrived from the boot of fine shot by Chris. The half time whistle blew with the score 2-1 to DBFC Vets.

Second half was much better and composed and KCC rarely threatened to score, while chance after chance eluded the DBFC forwards. KCC’s stubborn defence started to tire and with 20 minutes left to play the goals came. The 3rd goal from Crommy blasting a fine shot into the corner of the net after some good play down the left. The 4th goal came from the perennial Mr. Holmes (affectionately known as Scotty) after 3 DBFC forwards broke the KCC back line to pass round the one defender and Scotty walloped it into the roof of the net. The 5th goal was from the debutant Cian showing composure to beat a player and rifle his shot into the corner of the net.

A good win from a game tighter than expected, giving all the squad some decent football that they had to put a lot of effort into (not a walk in the park).

MOM: Captain Crommy for his 2 goals and his inspirational half time talk about wanting to win the game (included something about staying at home, eating sandwiches and fighting on the beaches).

DOD: Bradders for fumbling the ball over the goal line and later tripping over his own feet in the box as he came out to collect the ball (getting up quickly hoping no one noticed).