HKFC Vets 0 DBFC Vets 1

HKFC, Friday 8th January, 8.30pm ko.

Another great victory at the HKFC. Why do we always win there? Must be the chance of drinking in their bar!!

The initial line up from Dirk our leader and strategist was an old time evergreen English classic 4-4-2:

Goalie Gianluca ‘safe pair of hands’ Temperini

A back four of Alessio, Pat Goode, Kieran Donnelly and Baz

Midfield of John Mac, Thierry, Pascal and Andy C

With Amin and Kieran Mc up front.

Dirk, young Gazza (more later), Adam and Jeff were the subs.

We old farts with fading memories, short sight and breath kept it simple! It was a physical and tactical battle with not many chances each side.

First half was tight with HKFC having a couple of chances, a good save from Gianluca then a clearing header on the rebound from Alessio. DBFC had a few chances from long distance, which they could have done better.

The second half was very much the same, great battles in midfield, we succeeded blocking Granger as requested by the manager. Dirk ended up the victim of one of those in air clashes with a bleeding nose, luckily nothing broken …he still is the best looking of us all. Amazing for 43.

A lot of running up front, those boys never got a clear pass and had to fight for every ball. Defence was solid, superb, especially when HKFC began to press. A good rotation provided a breather and game time for everybody.

I am not naming names because I think it was a splendid team effort, everybody gave all they had and it was quality not only quantity.

One special mention for young Gazza! He was suffering on the sideline hating the manager for being there and we love him for that spirit, the way he happily accepts the bench, you might as well retire.

He came on and after a few minutes, dusting off the cobwebs, he started winning every tackle like Cannavaro, clearing like Franco Baresi, overlapping on the left and crossing like Paolo Maldini !

I tried to restrain him but he was running up and down and actually getting back smiling like Cafu….except when i confused a throw with a corner at 3 am he was still blocking me.

Seriously an example for everybody, a testimony to the love for this game.

And now the goal! With exactly 30 seconds to go! This was the goal if you were not there, the guy screaming in italian is me celebrating

What can I say ? I thought initially their GK was out of position but not really. They were defending high; I play there all the time.

It wasn’t so much the actual finish but the quick mind of seeing the opportunity and quickly kicking that ball before their GK could run back. Deserves to be watched again.

HKFC nothing – DBFC 1 and off to the bar for celebratory beers!

It was a noisy game, a perfectly orchestrated HKFC shout in unison at everything, 6 players around the ref every time, it was beautiful to watch, Mourinho would have appreciated.

We can make noise ourself but mostly disorganised, we were falling for it again, luckily I didn’t hit anybody, Kieran D didn’t kiss their GK and the ref knew he deserved the ball thrown at him by Alessio.

MOM: Again great game everybody but it has to be Kieran D for the goal that silenced everyone including the crowd of 1.

DOTD: probably my right foot, I may need a transplant ! Tried to kick the ball to Kieran MK 10 times and regularly ended up the opposite side ! He finally surrendered raised his arms saying pork de porko vaffanc…Mate I did for poor Kian so he didn’t have to wake up at 2 am again to hear your stories.

Well Played boys.


Report by Gianluca, our keeper.