DBFC 5 – 0 SiHK

Po Kong Village Road Park Pitch 1

5th November 2016 Kick-off 5:30pm

Squad: Yanou, David, Morse, Ben, Reto, Alessio, DanK, Jordon, Tom, Rodders, Sam, Scotty, MattZ, MattH and MattL.

Scorers: OG, Jordan, Tom and MattZ x 2


This was the first round of the Champions League Cup and pitted the team top of Division 1 (DBFC) against the team second from bottom of Division 2. Theoretically this was to be a walk in the park and so it proved to be.

The squad roll-call for this game was a very slow response with many players wanting to take the opportunity to step away from an “easy game” for a break to recover from niggling injuries and get brownie points on the family front. Picnic on the Beach in Discovery Bay was another reason used for non-availability. We had 11 players Thursday evening and this grew, with some arm twisting, to a heathy 15 players by Friday night. It was helpful that Tom delayed the start of his birthday BBQ so that the DBFC young guns could see out the entire match. Talking of birthdays, it was MattZ birthday the day before (Friday) and most of the DBFC team was out celebrating with him until the early hours of Saturday morning. So at the start of this game there were plenty of green looking faces. To make matters worse Morse was complaining of food poisoning and during the warm-up Yanou went over on his ankle and was unable to continue. It was so fortunate Alessio had joined us, as an out-field player but had brought his keeper gloves.

As expected players were seeing this game as an opportunity to play in different positions and have some fun. However gaffer Gaz soon reminded the team that the game has to be won and once secured then changes would be made. He reminded the players that SiHK (Spurs in Hong Kong — a team set-up by supporters) would sit deep and pack their box with numbers and try to catch us on the break. DBFC had to remain disciplined by playing the ball back into our half, across the back, switching sides and balls round the outside, trying to draw out SiHK. The starting line-up was announced; Alessio (GK), Morse and David (CB), Ben (RB), MattL (LB), MattH and Rodders (CM), DanK (RM), Jordon (LM), Captain Tom (10) and MattZ (CF) with Reto, Sam and Scotty on the bench.

DBFC were firmly in control from the off and playing to the plan brilliantly. SiHK did indeed keep all there players in their own half and DBFC went across the back, down the sides, in and out from the centre and worked the ball so well. It was long before DBFC were carving SiHK open but it seemed all the final shots were going high, wide or straight at the keeper. Fortunately after 10 minutes played it was a SiHK OG that got DBFC off the mark. MattL ventured forward down the left to just inside the SiHK half and sent in a hopeful forward cross that the SiHK CB misjudged for the ball to be deflected into the corner of the SiHK goal as the keeper went the wrong way; comical.

DBFC kept up the disciplined display of football and were penetrating the SiHK defence at will, round the flanks and through the middle with lots of shots going straight at the keeper, one fine save by the SiHK keeper and other attempts from headers going wide or over the top. However a defence splitting ball by Rodders set Jordon loose and this time he made no mistake by rifling his shot into the far corner to put DBFC 2-0 up after 20 minutes.

It was starting to look as though the DBFC hangovers were starting to clear and this was shown when sozzled Zoeller set up Tom to smack a shot into the far corner to put DBFC 3-0 ahead with only 10 minutes of the first half to go (cup games only being 35 minutes halves). Jordon came off for a breather (to be sick) and Scotty went on to run SiHK RB ragged. However with many more chances on offer DBFC couldn’t finish and the score remained 3 -0 at half time.

Gazza was to start changing the team around and Ben came off for Reto and Rodders came off for Sam. Dank moved to play at 10, Tom dropped into mid-field, Sam at RM and Reto at RB. The second half started with DBFC remaining with a tight grip and again time after time their players being put through onto the SiHK goal just to lack the final finish. After 15 minutes of frustration in not getting the goal, the ball was played around the SiHK box with their defenders throwing themselves to block shots. While a SiHK was crawling on all fours in his box he stopped a MattH pass to MattZ with his hand and the referee blew for a penalty. MattZ stepped up and thumped it into the corner to make it 4-0 to DBFC.

DanK took a break and Jordon went back on a LM, Scotty moved to CF and MattZ to the number 10 spot. Rodders went back on for MattH at CM. DBFC continued total dominance and chance after chance went begging. Jordon was running riot. The little rest must have refueled his turbo boosters as flames were coming from his heels as he flew down the left wing, displaying brilliant control of the ball at speed. It was Jordon getting to the by-line and cutting back for matt to slot home DBFC’s 5th go goal.

This was the time to test-out Ben in a pressure position to see if the young pretender could handle it. Off came Zoeller on went Roberts at number 10, strutting onto the field full of bravado for his team mates and a smile a mile wide. He had 15 minutes to make his mark and that is exactly what he did. Jordan set up chance after chance for Ben, some seemed impossible to miss, but Ben bottled it and had some spectacular misses. Tom and Morse came off for the last 5 minutes and DanK and MattH went back on. The score stayed at DBFC 5 – ) SiHK.

DBFC must have had 80% possession and the score could have easily been 25 – 0. This was a good relaxing game of football for DBFC. The young guys shot off immediately to get to Tom’s birthday BBQ, some shot straight off to prior engagements, leaving 7 of us to make the pier bar for 7:45pm and at 9:00pm we were finished. All in all this was a good day out.

MOM: All players had a good showing in this game but Rodders stood out (making up for his mare of a game last week). However, it is Jordan who gets the reporters vote because of his displays of lightning speed (with a hangover) scoring, assisting and persevering with attempts to set-up a goal on a plate for Mr. Roberts —- who couldn’t manage to oblige.

DOD:  Ben Roberts for pleading to replace MattZ at number 10 and trumpeting his own ability to score a goal just to see him flunk some of the easiest chances of the match.