DBFC 3 – 1 Club Tropicana FC (Tropics)

15:00 – Happy Valley Pitch 2

DBFC SQUAD:  Syd (RB), Riggers (CB), David (CB), Simon (LB), Sahil (LM), Dom (CM), Pascal (CM), Dan Lye (CM), Dave M (aka Rodders) (RM), Dan Keenan (CF). Scotty Holmes, Ben Roberts (Late) & Pascal’s mate Louis (visiting from Guadeloupe) were on the bench.

SCORERS: Dan Lye, Louis Placidoux and Warren Laker.

A number of players were missing this week, notably Jordan had a junk trip, Matt Z was working and Tom Halder was being an adult for once – working in Macau. Statistically, these 3 players have been DBFC’s strongest attackers and goal threats from the last two seasons. This shortage of regulars for DBFC, coupled with Tropics drafting in a number of players from their Yau Yee League Team (who didn’t have a game on Sunday) meant that the remaining DBFC squad had to be at their best. Fortunately, there was a good response and DBFC did assemble a solid team.

The game started with Tropics on the front foot, with their midfield utilizing their strong forward players with a series of long balls over the top. DBFC were struggling to get the ball down and play, with Rodders (formally known as Dave Moore) continuously getting robbed by the ageing Tropics RB. Dan K was also having serious trouble dealing with the oversized Tropics’ centre back, who had obviously procured a dodgy bag of steroids – this was one angry man who would not stop pinching and punching off the ball.  As the half wore on, Dom, Dan L and Pascal were getting in control of the midfield more, with Dom showing a few rapid burst of pace. In addition, Scott Holmes was brought on at LM for an under-par Rodders and Scott’s energy and skilful touch were causing the tropics rear-guard a lot of issues.

However, due to some awful defending from David, Tropics had the best chances – missing three one-on-ones with the DBFC keeper. Also some heart stopping football dribbling by our keeper in his own box ended up with goal-line scrabbles that DBFC somehow escaped without conceding. DBFC were lucky to get in at half-time all square, although it wasn’t all one way traffic, DBFC did have a number of chances with shots from outside the box that were not on target and Dan K did miss from 4 yards out from a corner.

The half-time team talk largely focused on how badly we were playing with gaffer Gaz imploring every player to recognise that and step up to our normal standard. He went on to state the obvious that we needed to keep hold of the ball and defend more solidly. The remaining subs came on for the second half, which immediately improved things in defence; Ben Roberts replacing David and going on at RB and Syd going into CB. Warren came on for Sahil at RM and Louis came on for Dan K upfront.

The second half started far better and DBFC were in control. Syd was playing it out of defence and Riggers was comfortably dealing with the Tropics striker. Dom and Dan L were pulling the strings in CM, and it seemed DBFC had turned the corner in this match. However, often in life, when things are on the up they soon come crashing down. Why? – Syd Ho. Not content with getting the ball at CB and skinning 3 tropics players, he turned back and tried the exact same thing instead of a simple pass out of trouble. A rush of blood to the head maybe but this second time Syd got tackled and as he was last man in DBFC defence, it allowed the Tropics striker with a clear run on goal.  The striker put a low shot passed our keeper to the bottom corner and gave Tropics a 1-0 lead.

At this point the goal came against the run of play and lit a fire up DB’s @rse to ignite some urgency. DBFC started to play more determined and attack the Tropics goal more. Dom got the ball in CM and lifted it over to Scotty, who galloped down the wing and won a corner. From the resulting corner, the ball broke to Dom who controlled it well in the box and shaped his body to shoot – Mr Angry Tropics Centre Back was having none of it however and chopped Dom down. As clear a penalty as you’ll ever see. Up steps Dan Lye, as cool as a cucumber and fires it in low to the keeper’s right to make it 1-1.

DBFC continued to be in control and the second goal soon arrived in fortuitous circumstances. Syd took the ball down well with his chest and laid it off to Riggers. Riggers looks up, surveys the scene, picks out his man and launches the ball forward for Louis, who found himself one on one with the Tropics keeper, albeit with a tough angle. Louis hit the ball low and hard and the Tropics keeper made an excellent save, with DBFC bemoaning a missed chance. However, while the DBFC players were moaning, the Tropics players relaxing with relief and the Tropics keeper smoking a victory cigar, the ball looped high in to the air and took an age  to come back down, but when it did it span into the goal. So Bizarre. 2-1 DBFC – Happy Days.

After the second goal we were awful again. Losing the ball time after time and allowing Tropics to hit the bar three times, but this was to be DBFC’s day. Syd tried to switch the play from centre back and put a long ball into Ben Roberts at right back. However, Syd kicked the floor in attempting his pass and it only made it as far as Pascal, who was able to complete the move to Ben – albeit ten seconds later. This thinking time was good for our Ben, who is not known for his quick wits. Ben got the ball, skinned his man and put in an excellent cross that dropped at the edge of the 6 yard box opposite the near post for Warren to meet and volley it passed the Tropics keeper. Excellent goal!

DBFC did not do a very good job of winding down the clock – giving Tropics free-kick after free-kick. However, they were unable to take their chances and it ended 3-1 to DBFC, who had the luxury of being able to afford Rodders (coming back on for the last 15 minutes) missing a one-on-one when put clean through. This was not a good day for Rodders.

MOM – Dom, Dan L and Riggers were solid, and largely responsible for keeping DBFC in the game in the first half. The MOM goes to Dom this week, who won a penalty, did a lot of dirty work in the CM and showed a good range of passing.

DOD – Syd is a contender for his terrible decision to practise his dribbling skills, with the whole tropics team, in the second half. Although, we must recognise that Syd was playing with a hamstring injury and did manage to do three Cruyff turns before giving a goal away. David is also a contender for a terrible show of defending, although, again, we should recognise David is making a comeback from a long illness so short of match practise and fitness. So given the excuses for Syd and David there stands alone one winner this week. Rodder’s takes DOD who had a really bad day on the field and tried to explain this away by telling the reporter it was down to being tired – because he was up all night with a pussy (see Photo below) —-


Reporter: Rolly Jr.