League Cup 2nd Round; DBFC 6 – 0 HK Krauts.

Boundary Street Pitch, Prince Edward, Kowloon; 10th December 2016 with 18:00 kick-off.

Squad: Yanou, Morse, David, Ben, Simon, DanL, Syd, ScottyH, Pascal, Rodders, Yoon, DanK and Tom.

Scorers: Pascal, Scotty, Tom, Rodders, DanK and Syd.


We struggled this week to get a squad of players for the game with players leaving for holidays and arrangements revolving around Christmas preparations, parties, babies and visitors. It was only on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning that a couple of players confirmed to ensure we had a couple of substitutes. In fact I think many players were put off at the thought of playing on the very large, hard carpet hockey pitch at Boundary Street.

Our opponents, HK Krauts, lie 2nd in the 2nd division and Gaffer Gaz was not wanting players to take a win for granted, calling on all to be prepared for some hard work. He also fore-warned that the surface needed flat shoes and discipline to play short passing football as the long ball runs away fast and is uncontrollable. The DBFC players were prepared with the correct foot-wear, although Morse was wearing what looked like a cross between polished dancing shoes and flat formula 1 racing driver pumps and Danny Lye had to borrow Gaffer Gazza’s astro-shoes, which made him play notably better.

Gaz announced the line-up: Yanou(GK), Morse and David(CB), Ben(RB), Simon(LB), DanL and Syd(CM), ScottyH(LM), Pascal(RM), Rodders(10) and Yoon(CF). Subs: DanK (suffering from massive hangover) and Tom (late arrival). He pointed out that football played on this carpet type pitch is a different game to what we are used to. The ball runs away very quickly and bounces high so needs shorter passing on the ground and players to open up into space on this massive sized pitch to receive the ball. The pitch would show our good football that should dominate the HK Krauts. Ben stepped forward to take the captaincy until his hero and idol Tom arrived.

The match kicked off and it wasn’t long before DBFC took control and looked a much better team than Krauts. It was obvious that Krauts tactics would be the long ball from defence, which was not going to work because the ball just ran through to Yanou in goals or was too quick for the Krauts forwards to catch up to. It wasn’t long before DBFC opened the scoring from a free-kick 20 yards out from Krauts goal that Danny Lye struck beautifully with pace (Gazza’s boots get the credit) that curled and hit the underside of the bar. The rebound was met by a combination of Pascal’s nose, eye and cheek to “head” home and put DBFC 1-0 up.

The second was 10 minutes later when a throw-in from the right went to Rodders in the middle of the park and he flicked on the bouncing ball to the left channel where an on-running Scotty Holmes met it at the edge of the Krauts 18 yard box to power in a half volley that their keeper could only parry into the corner to give DBFC a 2-0 lead. It was noted that once again sniffer Pascal was following up in case of any woodwork left-overs.

Yoon came off at 20 minutes for Captain Tom to enter the arena and Tom wasn’t long in making his mark with a cracker of a volley from 25 yards out. Some good passing football by DBFC culminated in a deft chip over a couple of Krauts players, by Rodders, to land at our diminutive Captain Maestro’s feet and he just let loose to put DBFC 3-0 up.

In all of this DBFC defence were well in control and our backs pressed forward. David and Morse were strong against the big Kraut players and stopped any threat down the middle. Most the long balls were running through to Yanou to collect or clear. Only one occasion in the first half did Krauts manage to get numbers in the box to try their aerial power with a long launched ball and on that occasion our little Yanou came off his line like a bull and leaped like a gazelle to punch the ball clear, taking out two of the Krauts’ biggest players in the process. Another memorable incident in the first half was the Krauts left winger chasing down a through ball that Morse went over to intercept at which the Krauts player went down and rolled a few times. Morse stopped in his tracks and turned to yell at the referee, who he noticed had waved play-on, so yelled at the Krauts player, dived to the floor and proceeded to roll half a dozen times across the DBFC box to make his point of ridiculous simulation —– and the Oscar goes to Morse.

Half time and Gaz reminded the players that although the game was easy for us it still needed effort, more so for DBFC defenders / keeper who were doing a great job and deserved a clean sheet from this game. Rodder’s came off for DanK to go as LM, Tom dropped to number 10 role and Scotty Holmes moved to CF.

The second half kicked off and Krauts forced the game by pumping the ball forward at every opportunity but DBFC held strong without much trouble to their goal. Play was a bit fragmented and so good football by DBFC should have resulted in a goal with DanK wasting a couple of good chances (his beer googles had not yet adjusted). After 15 minutes there was no break-through for DBFC so Rodders and Yoon went on for the last 20 minutes; Rodders for Danny Lye at CM and Yoon at LM for Scotty Holmes with DanK moving to CF.

Rodders was to make an instant impact. Some neat football by Pascal and Ben down the right result in Ben putting in a lovely weighted cross that was met by Rodders’ thigh at the post to fly in past a flapping keeper. DBFC were 4-0 up now and getting back into the rhythm.

After having numerous chances to score, some coming from great football by DBFC on the flanks that just need a touch from the head or foot to go in, DanK finally got a goal. After some penetrating runs and dribbles by slick (head-band less) Syd, the Krauts CB held the ball too long and allowed Syd to pressure him into a rushed clearance that fell at the feet of DanK. Silence resonated around the pitch as players and spectators held their breath in timeless expectation. It was like a balloon exploding when the ball hit the back of the krauts net, calmly placed by DanK into the bottom right hand corner to make it 5-0 for DBFC.

Another goal was to come; Syd was not to be outdone or go unrewarded for his endeavours in mid-field. Krauts launched the ball forward again with most their players following to try and get a consolation goal from this match but as usual it broke down at the feet of the DBFC defence. It was clear to Yoon on the left who played a pass into the centre-circle for an on running Syd. The Krauts defender committed to challenge but speedy Syd knocked it around him to have a clear run into the Krauts 18 yard box. The Krauts keeper came but cool-hand Syd calmly slotted the ball past him into right corner of the goal. The game ended with a DBFC 6-0 win and pass through to the quarter-finals of the League Cup, which will be against J-Leaguers on 25th February 2017.

MOM: All players put in a good shift and the slower pace of Krauts gave time on the ball for players to show their stuff. Pascal, Scotty Holmes and Danny Lye in with a shout but it is Syd who captures the award this week for coming to the game with a big hangover, after earlier trying to talk his way out of playing, and went on to have a commanding performance in the middle of the park.

DOD: In normal games an Oscar performance by Morse, rolling across his own box would take this award. However, his partnering Centre Back David wasn’t to be out-done. During the second half David was having a spat with the Krauts forward, who started screeching at being tackled. David was clearly annoyed at this players acting (normally ignored in most games) and let out a loud screech of his own before throwing himself to the floor, rolling a few times. This episode made Morse’s acting look like Hollywood stuff compared to David’s Chinese Opera. So David gets the DOD award.

A good (easy) game of football to end the year before the Christmas holidays and as a last game for Yoon who is heading back to Korea to do his national service. A good turnout was made at the Pier Bar to celebrate our win and says goodbye to Yoon.

Reported by Gazza