Discovery Bay FC vs JLeaguers

3rd December 2016
Score: 4 - 1

Match Report

Martin Yu – keeper

Robbie Bacon and Martin Rigby – CB

Ben – RB

Simon – LB

Matt H and Dom – CM

Jordon – LM

Dan K – RM

Zoeller – 10

Scotty Holmes – 9


Subs: David R, Reto and Tom H


Matt Zoeller —- no assist. Passing play put zol into J-leaguers box where he was tackled 10 yards out but broke for him to fire in a shot that blocked on the line that came right back to Zol who fired in again to score.


Jordon Brown —- assist Robbie Bacon who put long ball over top that bounced nicely for him to turn inside two defenders then rounded the out rushing keeper to slot in empty net.


Scotty Holmes — no assist. Chased down and incepted a J-leaguer pass on half way line, he looked up, saw the JLeaguers keeper well off his line and took a left foot lobby shot that was precision to millimetres under the bar.


Dom Polisano — assist Matt Zoeller. Rebound from Matts penalty.


12. Martin Rigby
13. Dom PolisanoGoal
5. Simon Yuen
30. Martin Yu
21. Dan Keenan
9. Matt ZoellerGoalAssist
11. Scott HolmesGoal
32. Jordan BrownGoal
20. Benjamin Roberts
10. Robert BaconAssist
53. Matthew Hoare


Reto Schafer
23. Thomas Halder
89. David Rollinson