DBFC 5 :  J Leaguers 2

Scorers:  Rob Scott x3 and Tom Halder x2

DBFC Team: Travis (GK), Ben (RB), Phil (CB), David (CB), Morse (LB), Syd (CM), Robbie (CM), Jordan (LW), Halder (RW), Robert Scotty (no. 10), Zol (Up top). Subs: Rainer, Scotty Holmes, Reto, Yoon and Matt Robson.

With the majority of the DBFC vets and much of our younger players involved in the HKFC Soccer Sevens, organizing this fixture was not ideal. In addition, our HKFC players had a massive game the next day (which thankfully went well). However, after pulling the ‘public holiday’ card and trying the get the game rearranged to a Friday, we had to relent and a 6pm Saturday night kick off at Sandy Bay it was.

The warm up was somewhat of a non-event. Tom, Ben and Jordan were late coming from work at HK Football Club and Reto was rushing from the Bun festival in Cheung Chau. In addition, Bert Bacon missed the planned 4:30 pm ferry from Discovery Bay because there were too many prams on his bus to the ferry. This was actually a crying shame because Robbie had promised to give us his opinions on the UK-EU referendum… Also Phil, who had actually arrived on time, was MIA for a while – with Phil later telling me “I’m not going to tell a lie, yeah, Dave, but I had too much vegan food with my girlfriend before the game and I felt bloated so I had a tactical chunder”. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘tactical chunder’ is – it is when you stick your fingers down your throat to induce vomiting. Nice one Phil.

With about ten minutes to go before Kick-Off everyone had arrived and Zol took the warm up before the referee blew his whistle to set-up for kick-off.

The game started well, with DBFC missing a whole host of chances going forward in the first ten minutes. J Leaguers didn’t have many chances but the DBFC defence was clearly shaky, with the J-Leaguers forwards getting on to long balls time after time and splitting our centre-backs.

DBFC continued to attack and had plenty of shots on goal, but none of these tested the J-Leaguers goalkeeper. Somewhat against the run of play, J Leaguers scored. A corner was cleared out the box by David, before the resulting play lead to the ball breaking to the J Leaguers striker on the edge of the box near the goal line and he struck the ball very well from a tight angle to get it past Travis. J-Leaguers 1 – 0 up.

The J-Leaguers second goal arrived in a similar fashion to the first, against the run of play: DBFC were attacking and getting behind the J-Leaguers defence time after time, Zol had a stonewall penalty turned down and Syd had a shot from the edge of the box well saved. At this point, with J-Leaguers defending for their lives, they cleared with a punt up-field and in a potential “Dick of the Season” move; David tried to head the bouncing ball back to Travis, which the J-Leaguers striker intercepted to score an easy goal. J-Leaguers 2 – 0 up at half-time.

The half time team talk was fairly positive and focused on the fact that we weren’t out the game and we had created plenty of chances. In a tactical change, Robert Scott switched position with Tom Halder, putting Scotty on the wing and Halder in the hole behind Zol. Matt Robson came on for Phil.

The second half started fantastically with DBFC pulling a goal back within a minute of the restart. Syd passed the ball back to Matt Robson on the halfway line and Matt put in an excellent ball over the top to Robert Scott to put him one on one with the J-Leaguers’ keeper. With an emphatic finish the J-Leaguers lead was cut to 2 – 1.

DBFC followed up with constant pressure, which unfortunately wasn’t materializing in to many chances, other than Zol missing a header from one yard out after an excellent cross from Robbie Bacon. J Leaguers had chances on the break though, and only some fantastic saves from Travis kept us in the game.

With 20 minutes to go DBFC brought on two subs. Reto came on for Ben at RB and Yoon came on for Jordan Brown at LW. About 2 minutes later, Jordan came back on again to replace Morse at LB. Morse had an excellent game.

With ten minutes to go, DBFC got the equalizer. Reto got the ball at right back, and in a very composed fashion, controlled the ball and played Syd in down the wing. Syd passed inside to Zol for a 1-2 pass down the line and then found his turbo charge to speed past two J-Leaguer defenders before looking up to accurately pass in to Rob Scott on the edge of the box. Scotty (Rob) turned inside and fired a low shot to the keepers’ left to make it 2-2 and DBFC were back.

DBFC then quickly took the lead. Matt Zol was nearly assassinated on the half way line and the ref awarded a free kick. Whilst Zol was writhing on the floor, Robbie put the ball down and took a quick free kick to Halder. Halder sped past his man and rifled a bullet shot into the roof of the net.

Zol, the poor thing, was injured and on came Scotty Holmes.

J-Leaguers pressed hard for an equalizer, putting DBFC under pressure with several free-kicks on the edge of the box and a number of corners, which DBFC defended well with heart. However, with J-Leaguers pressing forward they were exposed at the back and fortunately for DBFC it wasn’t long to wait for the fourth goal to put this game to bed. Little Syd heroically blocked a J Leaguers through ball on half way line with his meat and two veg. While Syd was lying on the ground wondering if he would ever be able to have kids, Yoon got the ball and ran down the wing and played in Halder one on one with the keeper. Halder squared it to Robert Scott for an easy tap-in. A hat-trick for Scotty (Rob).

DBFC were able to see the game out comfortably, with Scotty H running well and drawing some excellent fouls from the J Leaguers. From one of these free kicks the ball was passed to Halder about 25 yards out. Halder swiveled on the ball, and scored a lovely goal into the top right hand corner.

5-2 it ended. After an excellent second half by DBFC.

This was a game that did not go to Gazza’s plan of being comfortably ahead at half-time in order to rest the HKFC players and bring on the DBFC subs. J-leaguers had turned out their best players, that have been missing from their team most of the season, to put DBFC under pressure and in a predicament at half-time. The HKFC boys fighting spirit came forth and not a herd of elephants would remove them from the pitch with DBFC losing, so the opportunity to play the subs was limited. Matt Robson got the second half, Reto and Yoon got 20 minutes and Scotty Holmes 10 minutes, however, getting Rainer on in midfield with the game so tight up to the last 5 minutes was difficult. Gazza was full of praise for the attitudes of all players in recognizing the difficult situation and the over-riding need to win.

MOM: Robert Scott scored an excellent hat-trick. Halder also scored a beauty from long range and had good energy throughout, even tackling on occasions! However, MOM goes to the CM due to Robbie Bacon and Syd who had to do a lot of work in the middle, helping out the defence and putting in some excellent assists.

DOD: This was taken out of the match reporters hands to be a players vote at the Pier Bar and this vote was unanimous —- unfortunately. David gets DOD for assisting the J-Leaguers second goal and pointing out “Daddy’s Bridge” when he was 5 years old.

Reporter: David