DBFC 0 – 2 Team Shotgun

Venue: Sandy Bay Pitch 2 —– 3 October 2015 —— 4:30 KO

Squad: David (Captain), Gianluca (Keeper), Jonny, Morse, Ben, Thierry, Pascal, Sahil, Tom H, Scotty H, Sam, Matt B and Lloyd.

After a week of struggling to get enough players to get a team together, we all woke up on Saturday morning with that match day feeling (or if you’re Tom Halder – a hangover and the $hits). One look out the window and it was clearly evident that this was to be a horrible day to play football.

After an exhausting warm up that consisted of passing the ball around, the manager Gaz named the team – Gianluca in goal, a back four of Jonny H (RB) David and Ben (CBs) and Morse (LB). The midfield consisted of wee Tom Halder at RW, Pascal and Thierry in CM and Sahil on the left. Ginger Scotty and Sam-Pam were the two forwards, which left the dynamic duo of Lloyd (Smith) and Matt B on the bench.

David R skillfully won the toss to secure DBFC the side of the pitch to play on. It was quickly noted that this was going to be a tough game referee wise, he wouldn’t let me pick the side of the coin I wanted, and he sounded like he had swallowed ten canisters of helium prior to the game. The ref also failed to notice that Team Shotgun were wearing six different kits between them, one of which had white on the back – bizarre!

The game started well, with DBFC doing most of the running and creating a fair few chances. A few powder puff shots from Tom H testing the keeper and a great cross from Jonny Haines just skimming past the despairing Ginger Scotty – ‘Like Gazza in Euro 94’ was how Jonny described it.  As the game wore on however, things started to turn against DBFC, the Team Shotgun right winger was getting tons of space down our left. Eventually, the pressure told and after a great goal saving diving header from David R to cut out a cross, the ball eventually looped over to a Team Shotgun player who volleyed the ball off his shin into the top corner. The first half eventually fizzled out, with Matt Barker getting a yellow card for what can only be described as a horror tackle. Matty B claims it was to get us all going – but a post-match vote concluded that he slipped whilst trying to kick the ball and accidently fouled the Team Shotgun boy.

The half time team talk mainly focused on playing simple and getting the ball to the wingers. Create chances and play the ball around and Scotty Holmes black bin bags to keep player’s gear dry —– from which manager Gaz fashioned a nice waterproof tank-top for himself.

The second half started in torrential rain. As usual the quality of Mike Collier / Baz Brown kits shone through – and stuck to you like cling-film. I’m sure I’m not alone in eagerly awaiting the new kits! As the second half progressed DBFC managed to get the ball out wide a few times, but things were just not working out – Tom H was consistently getting tackled by an extremely chubby Team Shotgun left back who must have had the turning circle of a P&O ferry. As DBFC pushed for an equalizer, a long ball evaded the defense and found a Team Shotgun player who promptly smashed the ball in the bottom right hand corner. This sparked a bizarre celebration where the striker proceeded to shout ‘F*** you’ to each and every DBFC player. I can’t wait to play him next game….

DBFC managed to create a few chances as the game drew to its end. Thierry hit the cross bar, and David R expertly controlled a Morse cross, before executing a brilliant miss-hit which proved to be an excellent cross to Thierry who headed straight at the keeper.

2-0 it all ended.

Under normal circumstances this would have been a very winnable game for DBFC against a very average Team Shotgun side but the two public holidays during the week made this an opportunity for long breaks for many and unavailability of some key players was telling. It was a case of holiday blues for the boys from DB

Man of the Match:

Jonny ‘Homicide’ Haines – Despite getting a yellow card for what can only be described as serious invisible assault, Jonny had an excellent game at right back – attacking and defending brilliantly. Must be all those Body Pump classes he has been going to.

Dick of the Day

Matt Barker – for that red card worthy challenge on a player who was dribbling out of play. Matt gets the award mainly for not admitting that he slipped and using the excuse of ‘I was trying to rile up the lads, like’.

Reporter:- David Rollinson