DBFC 3 – 0 Goodfellas

Venue: Ma On Shan Recreation Ground —– 10 October 2015 —— 3:00 pm KO

Squad: David (Captain), Alessio (Keeper), Jonny, Ben, Morse, Thierry, Pascal, Matt O, Tom, Sam, Matt Z, Mr. Scott Holmes and Robbie.

Scorers: Matt Zoeller x 3.

Another week of struggling to get a team together with players away, injured or other commitments and the slightly earlier KO time didn’t help a few. However, in the end, after negotiations fit for the United Nations, we ended up with a very strong team. Special thanks needs to go out to Thierry, Sam and Morse who all agreed to play despite carrying injuries and Mr. Scott Holmes who played a full game in the morning with his Veterans team. The “goal threat” of Matt Zoeller, the tactical prowess of Gaffer Burt (Robbie or a character from VIZ) and the flamboyant wonder-kid Matt Orr all returned this week – so things were looking much brighter than they were last week in that dark, rain sodden game against Team Shotgun. In the absence of Matt Barker, the onus was on Tom ‘wee hard-man’ Halder to give us all that extra bit of adrenaline by roughing up the opposition.

Matt Z took the warm up before Robbie got us all in to discuss the starting line-up. Robbie went for a classic 4-4-1-1 formation with Alessio in goal, a back four of Jonny H (RB) David and Ben (CBs) and Morse (LB). The midfield consisted of Tom “wee hard-man” Halder at RW, Pascal and Thierry in CM and Mr. Scott Holmes at LW. Matt Orr played up top with Matt Z behind him in the hole (keep it clean!) and on the bench would be Sam and Robbie. Robbie’s pre-match tactical emphasis was on playing out from the back and getting the midfield involved from the off.

The game started better for Goodfellas with DBFC rushing the play and losing possession cheaply. It was clear from the first 10 minutes that Goodfellas had much more about them than our opponents last week – they had two relatively fast, skillful strikers and passed the ball around quite well in general. However, DBFC worked hard to settle and after the first fifteen minutes started to get into their game to even things. Thierry and Pascal were breaking the game down quite nicely in midfield, allowing Zoeller, Matt Orr and wingers (Tom and Mr. Scott Holmes) to see more of the ball. As the half wore on, DBFC were creating more chances and restricting Goodfellas to counter attacking football. With seven minutes of the first half to go, Sam Riley and Robbie came on for Mr. Scott Holmes and Thierry respectively (both having worked their socks off) and DBFC started to create ever more chances – Robbie put Zoeller through to the right of the 18 yard box, for which the Goodfellas keeper came to challenge, but unfortunately Zoeller’s lob over him just went past the left post.

Robbie’s half-time team talk was mainly reiterating his first half talk of the need to build play by passing from the back (as this was not implemented). He emphasized that the one and only time we followed this instruction in the first half, Jonny got the ball at RB, passed it to Tom and we quickly created a chance —- how simple. We also focused on marking better from set pieces. On another note, it was also widely commented on how much of a psychopath the Goodfellas’ goalkeeper was – the constant screaming and moaning was quite something; he’d obviously forgotten to take his tablets that morning.

The second half started much better with more confidence and controlled football from DBFC. The ball was routinely passed out from the back and Goodfellas rarely got a chance. Matt Zoeller went very close from a free kick before defenders blocked both Pascal’s and Ben’s attempts at the rebound. The first goal came when Alessio passed it out the back to Jonny Haines, who calmly passed it to the wee hard-man (Tom) to jink round the defender and put a beautiful cross into Matt Zoeller, who rose (to a height that David only dreams about) to flick the ball in with his head to put DBFC 1-0 up. Tom later said that his cross was a shot but I don’t believe him; it was a great cross. The first goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of Goodfellas and DBFC continued to pile on the pressure. The ball broke in midfield, after Robbie won a header, which Sam collected and made a defence splitting pass through to Matt Zoeller who smashes into the top right hand corner to put DBFC 2-0 up. Two quickly became three, when Matt Zoeller chased down a long ball from the DBFC defence to left corner of Goodfellas 18 yard box. The Goodfellas keeper came right out to collect but Matt was always favourite and got there first to turn away towards the corner flag with the Goodfellas keeper giving chase. This erratic decision by the Goodfellas Goalie was to be punished as Matt turned out to create an angle to shoot into an empty Goodfellas net from 18 yards. DBFC managed to finish out the game with relative ease, rotating the subs to get them all a second run out and continuing with got possession football that saw further chances to score fall to Pascal and Robbie without luck. So then the final whistle was blown at 3 – 0 final score to DBFC.

Man of the Match

Thierry and Pascal need to get a mention for their great work rate (especially in the first half) in breaking up the Goodfellas midfield play, a thankless task. They continued this work rate in the second half to take charge and start passing the ball around nice and calmly. Matt Orr also played very well, in an array of positions (Mr. Versatile). However, at the end of the day, if you bag a hat-trick you get the Man of the Match, so the honour this week is to “goal threat” Zoeller.

Dick of the Day

Several contenders:

  • Scott Holmes for threatening the match reporter with violence unless his full name was used in the match report.
  • Tom “wee hard-man” Halder. Despite all the hype, Tom was unable to emulate Matt Barker’s pseudo-motivational aggression and in the second half went into his shell as he seemed scared of getting chopped. It was mentioned at the Pier Bar we should call him Tom Tortoise — but not sure whether that was for retreating into a shell or for comparison to a famous fable of the “tortoise and the Hare”?
  • Robbie Bacon – in a moment of wild emotion, whilst shouting to receive the ball, a pre-pubescent screech emanated from Mr. Bacon’s mouth as his voice broke. Players from both teams looked around in confusion, wondering how such a noise can come from a 26 year old man.
  • Matt Orr, for the most ridiculous “wife beater” t-shirt of all time. He was wearing a blue vest that resembled the patterns of a sarong – a “tie and die” that hippies made in the early seventies tie. As soon as he turned up, everyone just knew he would be the outright winner of the Dick of the Day award. Well done Matt Orr! —– thankfully he didn’t wear this top for post-match drinks at the Pier Bar J


Reporter: David Rollinson