Legal League Cup Quarter Final:

Discovery Bay FC 13 : 0 Legal Head

Venue: Tin Yip Road Park, Tin Shui Wai    When: Saturday 23 April 2016 Kick-off: 18:30.

Squad: Travis, Warren, Ben, Robbie, Reto, Tom, Sam, Michel, Syd, MattZ, Alessio, Phil, David, Rainer, Morse and Gazza.

Scores: MattZ x7, Tom x3, Sam, Reto and Michel.

The week leading up to the game started off in a somewhat somber mood. News filtered in from Ireland that Matt Zoeller’s long time feline friend, Fergus, had met his demise at the wheels of a Sainsbury truck. Sad news indeed, but good for the golden boot, as Zol was determined to score a goal and dedicate it to Fergus. Motivation!

Cats aside, getting a team together this week was complicated somewhat by the Vets cup final and by Saturday morning Gazza only had 10 players definitely confirmed with 5 maybes. After frantic calls on Saturday morning Gaz had convinced 3 of the vets cup final players to roll up their sleeves and help out with half a game (great effort from Morse, Alessio and Rainer) and also MattZ and Phil confirmed to give us a great squad that included the elusive (or exclusive) Bert Bacon. On paper this was to be an easy game against a 3rd division side and as you see from the score line it turned out that way.

All but David got to the pitch in good time. David made a great effort for the team to come straight from the airport (work in shanghai) and arrive just at kick-off (delayed 10 minutes because Legal Head players were late). Gazza consulted Robbie on team formation (throw back to last season) and decided: Travis (GK), Ben (RB), Phil and Robbie (CB), Morse (LB), Reto (RW), Sam (LW), Warren and Syd (CM), Halder in the hole and Zol up front. On the bench: David, Alessio, Michel, Reiner and Gazza.

The game started a bit frantically with DBFC huffing and puffing. It was quite obvious early on that DBFC were technically superior but it just wasn’t clicking. Passes weren’t finding their targets and shots were going over. As the half progressed DB started to click and turned the screw, both Sam and Zoeller got in on several occasion, only to shoot directly at the Legal Head keeper who, to his credit, was having a good start to the game with a strong keeping performance. Soon the pressure told and the ball broke to Reto in the box, who dinked it over the keeper to score his first DBFC goal and make it 1-0. Goals two and three quickly followed with Zoeller getting on the end of a great cross from Ben to tap in from a yard out before Halder got one on one with the keeper to power in a shot. Tom skipped back to his own half singing something that vaguely matched the tune of Macarena “that’s how you take a keeper one on one, heyyyyy Matt and Sam”.

The half time team emphasised on keeping it simple passing and movement to build the play with periods of possession and the goals will flow as Legal Head tire with chasing shadows.

Within two minutes of the restart the 4th goal arrived. A quick break and Zol tucked it in. Zol was to score 5 more goals this half to bring it up to seven goals.

In general DBFC defended well, restricting a tiring Legal Head team to few chances. In addition to Zol’s 6 second half goals (three of which were assisted by Reiner), Halder also scored two – one of which was an absolute peach from thirty yards, nestling into the top left corner. Michel scored a nice lob and Sam a tidy finish after good interplay with Zol to round off the goals.

A good little run out for all involved, and the first time this season Phil hasn’t injured himself or got cramp. Travis looked bored, with the only point of concern being when the referee took a hard blast of the ball in the face. The ref wobbled but bravely continued for 10 minutes until he relented and swapped with the linesman. The other problem was the ref wasn’t sure the score until Gazza and the linesman got their calculators out and pressed a few trigonometry buttons to agree 13⁰.

Good numbers (12) headed to the Pier Bar discussing the upcoming semifinal more than the ins and outs of our win today.

Man of the Match: There’s no avoiding giving it to Zol – Seven goals scored and now top of the cup and Division 1 goal tables.


  • Halder is in contention for being absolutely smashed after 3 or 4 beers. He was a red faced angry little man, never giving Travis a moments peace, with terrific banter such as ‘f*ck off Travis’ and  ‘f*ck off Travis’ being the best he could come up with. Garden gnome gone wild.
  • Phil – after learning against Spartans that you can’t shout ‘mine’ at the top of your voice, Phil’s football education continued against Legal Head when he tried to control Travis’s pass from a goal kick inside the box… luckily Travis shouted at a confused Phil not to touch it. Phil later confessed: ‘I am not going to lie, yeah, but I never knew that was a rule, boys.’
  • Ben – In the Uber to the pier bar, Michel had some Arabic rap on the go. Ben turns to Morse, looking confused, and states ‘I don’t think this is English’. Or at least I think that was what had happened – it is not easy to understand an excitable Morse when he tells a tale. Furthermore, Ben thought Peru was in Europe.

The award goes to… Michel. For arriving at the pier bar looking like he had just come off the venga bus. Blue diving slippers, brown shorts, a purple vest and a hat stolen from Jonny Haines.

Reporter: David