DBFC 2 – 0 Irish Harps

Kick off: 20:00

Date: 7 May 2021


Squad: Ricky (GK), Wai, Tita, Dan Moss, Charlie (RB, CB, CB, LB), James, Danny Loup, Matt H, Ryan (LM, CM, CM, RM), Makito (#10), Zoeller,

Subs: Crommy and the late coming taxi trio of Leo, Ethan and Enzo.

We were up against second place, so knew we had a tough game to come. As such when the roll call went out, after a few poor results and smaller squads, the managers pulled out all the stops with the flattery to get a good showing – which is not often easy at Tseung Kwan O at 8pm!

With Crommy and Zoeller back on the scene, Matt H kicking about and Tita at CB – things were looking good. Big Moss, newly 40, was also back in the defence – looking to show that a good CB gets better with age – aka the “Morse affect”

We got the bare 11 on the pitch just in time, with Ricky leaving work late and Ethan not being able to direct a taxi, dragging Leo and Enzo down with him. Luckily, we had our fully squad ready and raring to go at just a few mins past the hour.

Irish started the game with most of the possession but not much came in the way of chances. One or two corners were well dealt with and we were able to get hold of the ball a bit more. A nice ball over the top was chased down by Zoeller who elected not to head it and instead tried to kick it, chopping down the Irish keeper instead.

The keeper was alright, but Zoeller came off worse and had to go off, with what turned out to be a Grade 1.5 MCL injury (2 – 4 weeks out according to google). We all wish Zol well, but on the other hand we are glad that his initial self-diagnosed 9 months out plus surgery and rehabilitation was just a little wide of the mark.

On comes Ethan, fresh from his taxi exploits, to replace Zol.

Within 2 minutes of being on the pitch, little Makito San see a gap and plays a lovely ball over the top, putting Ethan one on one with the keeper – lobbing it over him for a great goal.

Irish always looked dangerous though, and eventually cottoned on to big Moss’s and Wai’s attempt at Tiki-Taka along the backline – where a back pass was intercepted, Ricky rounded, goal wide open…. and wide. Big let off!

From that point onwards we were able to play out the half quite well.

Half time team talk concentrated on keeping doing what we are doing but trying to look for Ethan with the ball over the top due to Irish Harps high line.

Second half started much better – Enzo continuing on the LW and Leo on at LB, with DB having much of the ball and defending quite well. Both teams had chances but mostly we were defending free kicks and corners, which Tita dealt with expertly. This was not lost on Crommy who kept telling David ‘see that’s how its done’.

Crommy came on for James and Charlie went on for Enzo on the wings and DBFC started to pick up the play. A nice ball from Crommy into Makito San was quickly passed through to Ethan to put him one on one with the keeper – making no mistake in slotting it away.

We were soon nearly 3-0 up, Ethan just chipping wide over the keeper.

Then – the perceived drama happened. DBFC cleared from a corner and pushed out. The ball landed at the feet of one of the Irish players on the edge of the box, who hit it low and hard towards Ricky. Unfortunately for Irish two of their players remained on the goal line (offside) and one of whom decided to push Ricky over as he went to save the ball. Luckily a mixture of the linesman seeing this and Ricky’s best high pitch voice coupled to see the right decision made.

From then on we were able to see out the game for an excellent win, against a very strong team.

MOM: Tita. Well, for just being Tita.

DOD: big Moss up there for the back pass, but escapes due to a decent showing other than that.

Zol comes close for karate kicking the keeper. He comes even closer to his pain threshold antics.

The award goes to Ethan.