Kick Off: 14:15

Date 24/10/2020

Venue: Tsang Tai Uk Recreation Ground, Shatin

Weather: Lovely

Team: Ricky (GK), Brendan (RB), Morse and David (CBs), Leo (LB), LW (ENZO), DM (Gary), CM (Danny Loup), RW (Darius), Crommy (AM), Zoeller (Striker)

Subs: Ethan, Joe, Kasper the Goalie, Lee, Alessandro, Dan Moss

First half was good for DBFC. Goodfellas were passing the ball around nicely but not troubling DBFC.

First goal came after about ten minutes when Zoeller latched on to an exquisite through ball / clearance from David and took advantage of a mix up between the defender and the goaly to prod in for one-nil.

Second goal came towards the end of the half with a superb goal from Crommy, running from near the half way line to the edge of the box and hitting a low hard shot past the keeper to his left.

In between, Darius, Ethan (who had come on for Enzo), Zoeller and Crommy all had further chances to extend the lead.

Half time was positive but reminding everyone of the danger posed by Goodfellas and the need to: “not concede straight away like last week” – Matt Zoeller

We made a whole host of subs, with David and Leo coming off for  Dan Moss and Alessandro respectively. Lee came on for Gary at CM.

Zoeller’s wise words were not heeded when DBFC soon went behind. The Goodfellas RW given too much time and space and waltzed into the box to score.

Soon after, a speculative shot wasn’t held on to by Kasper the Goalie and the Goodfellas striker was left with an easy tap in; 2-2.

Goodfellas continued to put on the pressure with their speed, so David was put on for Morse, Leo back at LB and Darius brought back to RB with Enzo moving to RW – Morse, Brendan and Lee coming off.

This got DB back into the game and instead we starting putting on the pressure. We scored a good third goal, with good work from Zol and putting Ethan through to slot in.

We did however need to be saved by the post, cross bar, a block from six yards out by David and an excellent save from Kasper the Goalie.

Good win.

Man of the match: Leo, but he was not at the pier bar so Gary got it for a tidy shift at CM

Dick of the day: Morse for telling the referee not to send off the opposition player for a bad foul on Gary, earning his second yellow at a ratio of  5 fouls to 1 yellow.

Vehicle of the match: The bus. Spacious, comfortable and full of beer.