Date: 17 October 2020

Venue: Po Kong Village Road, Pitch 2

Kick Off: 14:15

Goal Scorers

Team: Ricky (GK), Brendan (RB), Morse (CB), David (CB), Leo (LB), Enzo (LM), Gary (CM), Danny Loup (CM), Crommy (AM), Zoller (CF)

Subs: Joe, Charlie, Eathan, Oumar

DBFC started the game strongly with a lot of joy down the left, with youngster Leo and Enzo linking up well Crommy and Zoeller up top.

The midfield and defence were also doing well with Danny Loup and Gary in control and the defence only needing to deal with the odd long ball. Ricky did not have any shots of not to save the whole first half, but Soho Spartans came close with a corner.

DBFCs first goal arrived after some excellent play from Danny Loup, with some nice bits of skills on the edge of the box getting him free from his man, allowing him to square to Zoeller to slot past the keeper. Zoeller got his second goal after some good work from Gary, sliding a nice pass through the opposition CB’s, putting Zoeller one-on-one with the keeper to finishing nicely to the keepers’ right.

DBFCs third goal was a bit of magic from Leo at LB. Taking the ball from a short free kick he dribbled into the middle, turned and then hit the ball into the top left corners from outside the box. Great goal.

At half time DBFC were 3-0 up and positive. Some changes were made, with Joe coming on for David, Eathan coming on for Gary, Charlie coming on for Darius and Ourmar for Enzo.

The message from half time was to keep it solid, and build on the good work we had done in the first half.

The second half didn’t start very well when we conceded from a throw in after less than 3 minutes. The ball broke on the edge of the box and fortuitously bounced perfectly for the Soho Spartans player to volley past Ricky. With the wind in their sails, Soho Spartans had the better of the next 10-15 minutes and put DBFC under a lot of pressure without really testing Ricky again – aside from a fantastic freekick that hit the crossbar.

The game was put to bed after some excellent play from Eathan, turning his man in the box and laying the ball back to Zoeller to hit in ha hard low shot from the edge of the box. The fifth goal came towards the end, when the ball broke to Enzo for a low hard finish past the keeper.

Man of the Match: Zoeller with a hat-trick, but a class performance from Danny Loup was a close second.

Dick of the day: Matt Zoeller for getting a yellow card in the tamest game of all time.