DBFC 3 – 4 Club Tropicana

Saturday 17th March 2018 at Kowloon Tsai Stadium Pitch (grass) with a 16:30 kick-off time.

Squad: Toni (GK) Nathen (LB) SAM and David (CBs) Danny Loup (RB) Steve and Pascal (CM) Long Tim (LM) Max (RM) Tom Halder (#10 and Captain) Chris Ingham (CF) Sub: Dan Keenan (late arrival)

Scorers: Dan Keenan x2 (assists by Max) and Max (assist Halder)

This was a rearranged fixture agreed to by Gaffer Gaz after checking some 3 weeks earlier that DBFC would have enough players, which they did with more than 15 positive replies. However, two days before this match DBFC had 7 players committed but there were many let downs. We scrabbled to get a squad of 12 with 3 last minute sign ups and a few back-up players coming in. Still it look a decent squad and things were going DBFC way especially in the second part of the first half when some nice football was being played. DBFC got the first goal with a lovely Tom Halder cross to the far post for new signing Max Fieldgrass to jump high and head in. Some lapse defending allowed Tropics forward to break through and luckily hit the ball under out coming keeper Toni into the DBFC net to equalise. DBFC then had lots of chances and returnee Dan Keenan got 2 goals, the first being a good header from a great cross and the second meeting a low driven cross with a timely run, both crosses from Max Fieldgrass. DBFC luckily escaped being done by at least 4 counter attacks that broke through the DBFC back line, thanks to great saves by Toni. However, DBFC’s luck was not to last as 10 minutes before half time Talisman Ingham pulled up with an inner thigh muscle strain and had to finish his playing day, although sub Keenan seemed to be the ideal replacement with his 2 goals. The second half started with DBFC players starting to show fatigue and Tropics pressed to get back into the game. DBFC last for 10 minutes with luck to stop a Tropics goal but late nights out by the two centre backs started to really tell, with holiday maker and new signing Sam turning a grey / white and holding off throwing up. Similarly our RB Danny had a late night helping David finish his beers and Nathen was taking his dodgy knees and lack of fitness way beyond their usual limits. Captain Tom Halder was also slowing from lack of fitness. Eventually tropics scored their second and minutes later Max Fieldgrass, who was having a great game got charged down and the fall broke his collar bone (Ingham took him to hospital). DBFC had now lost 2 of their 12 players and Scotty Holmes, who was there as a just in case player weary of his calf injuries came on. DBFC were now down to the bare 11 with the CBs looking like a comedy of errors for the last 15 minutes, Scotty tenderly running around up top and Nathen all but ceased up. Tropics got 2 more goals and won the game. This was definitely bad luck for DBFC and bets at half time were for them to win this game. If only a few had not got so inebriated the night before but then again it is young men at the weekend. Special thanks to Sam Allen (Tom’s bruv in-law) for interrupting his holiday in Hong Kong to help us, Long Tim Nixon for signing up and playing a very decent game and of course Max, who was a great signing (we are all sorry for his broken collar bone and wish him a swift recovery).