DBFC 3 – 1 HK Krauts

This was our third game in the Legal League’s Champions League Cup group match and it was an unusually late kick-off time of 8:00 pm on pitch 2 of Kowloon Tsai Park under flood lights.

Again it looked as if we would struggle for numbers but last minute possibilities of Nana (recovered from injury) Alessio (high speed return from China) and Stef (return from isolation in Jakarta) joined new signings Andy Petyt and Jamie Hooper to give us a good squad.

The team:







Jamie H






Nana (half time)

Alessio (30 mins)

Alex S (55 mins)

Pre-match briefing focused on looking to improve our possession of the ball out from the back four. However, in true DBFC form the match started with all pre-match instructions being duly ignored and the ball being hoofed long (under no pressure) straight down the gigantic Krauts throats. The game was scrappy but Jordan had a few long range efforts that just missed the target and continual chase down by Scotty resulted in a chance for a shot on goal that the Krauts keeper managed to hold. Sam then spooned a volley on the turn just wide. Krauts were moving the ball into the final third quite well but could not create much. Scotty then took a quick short corner to fire in a low hard shot across the face of goal that took a deflection on the way in. 1- 0. Half time.

The half time talk focused on reinforcing the point to pass the ball out from the back four and keep possession and also to have our shots hit the target as the Krauts keeper was seen not to be a good shot stopper.

The second half started with 5 minutes of scrappy play (again) but this soon settled and we passed the ball through midfield to release Jordon for a good strike of the ball to send it home past the hapless Krauts GK. It was now 2-0 and DBFC went on to create several chances. Scotty having a good chance after closed down well on Kraut defenders, then Pascal lashing wide from the edge of the box before good work down the left saw Jordon take the ball behind the Krauts defence where Nana popped up to slot home. DBFC were 3 – 0 and comfortable at this point. However, our players’ minds obviously switched to thinking of the ‘2 4 1s’ drinks at the PIER BAR because they turned down the tempo and allowed Krauts to force the game, bringing so uncomfortable moments that Stef (the db legend)ably dealt with. The Kraut press continued and our good defensive work culminated in Pascal putting in a robust Gallic challenge (yes another one) in our penalty area and the 6ft something Kraut went down like a ballerina. This was a soft penalty to be awarded, inevitably, by the referee. The Krauts duly slotted home 3-1. The Krauts tails were up and they went through down the left only for the Kraut player’s cross to evade everyone. Again this Krauts player was released but this time to be foiled by Stef coming out and making a good block. The game then petered out with some minor skirmishes and a Pac-man style pushing incident (Jordon says) Wilshere type (everyone else agreed) for the only booking of the game. Final score 3-1.

Man of the match – the substitutes from both teams for taking up the duties of ball boys, collecting all the balls as they bounced over fences on all sides of the pitch. Alessio was solid in midfield, especially after racing back from China to make the game. But the prize probably goes to the Pier Bar barmaid who was diligent in serving drinks to our team for several hours after the match. Bless her long white socks.