DBFC 7- 0 Revolution
Saturday 27th March 2021 3.30 PM KO
Squad: Morse, David, Enzo,  Zoeller, Ethan, Leo, Charlie, Crommy, Matt H, Dan Moss, Darius, Ethan, Danny TS, Ricky, Ryan, David, Will .
Scorers: Squires x 4, Crommy x 2, Zoeller x 1
After a prolonged absence from football it was clear that there were going to be a few cobwebs to brush off before DB could resume their free flowing champagne football. Indeed it took a few minutes but once a few passes were completed things settled down and DB got into their stride. Chances were created but not being finished and it took twenty minutes or so for DB to break the deadlock when Zoeller hit a world class shot at 1 mph down the centre of the goal only to just the miss the outstretched gloves of the goalkeeper who had chosen to start outside the goal as his start position. Shortly after DB made it two nil when Ethan Squires slotted in for two. After this Zoeller was released down the left, cut inside the defender and after his shot rebounded off the post it was laid off for Crommy who duly smashed it into the roof of the net. Three nil at half time and in truth Revolution had offered little threat going forward but most certainly had not thrown in the towel still chasing things down all over the pitch.
Half time conversation was focussed on moving the ball quicker and keeping a clean sheet. Revolution started the second half with an intent to press more in the opposition half and played a very high defensive line which would result in a series of counter attacking opportunities for DB with the pace of young Squires and Higgins running past some tiring legs into space.  It wasn’t long before the goals came in quick succession with Ethan producing a clinical display of finishing which he later proceeded to acknowledge was due to some of the fantastic coaching he had received at youth level football. Crommy also just about scored from a yard out from a great bit of play/cross from Charlie.
Overall it was a good return to football for DB with lots of goals and minimal injuries as well seeing as the return of Ryan Lei and debuts for David at the back and Will on the wing who produced a number of silky touches after his introduction. Although Ethan certainly received a lot of praise for his goals in the Pier bar it was the work of our young Italian left back Leo which should be highlighted as he was outstanding both with and without the ball throughout and no doubt would have won man of the match had he been there. D.O.D duly went to Morse as he was the only nomination and had Danny TS Loup been there no doubt he would have won something for his two yard miss but he was ‘otherwise preoccupied’. Another personal highlight was Dan Moss pirouetting quite spectacularly in the second half in a 360 movement that would have been best compared to dancing on ice had he not collapsed in a heap at the end of it.
Next week DB will play J leaguers in what will no doubt be a very tough encounter and continue their pursuit of glory and beers in the Pier bar.
A report by M. Zoeller.
(Next week’s report nomination goes to Crommy)