DBFC Vets – Godfathers 3:1 (HT: 1:0)

Date: 1st March 2021, 19.30h kick-off

Venue: HKFA Football Training Centre in TKO pitch 6

Squad: Bradders, Morse, Pedro, Nin, Ping, Thierry, Brendon, San, Pierre-Olivier, Crommy, Stephane, Simon, Dan, Brendan, Newley and Patric (late arrival)

Goals: Brendon, Dan, Crommy (penalty)

Match report:

After a 3-month absence from the football pitches, due to the Covid-19 pandemic measures, everyone was keen and eager to be back on a football pitch again. Both teams filled their strongest lineup to make sure they can put pressure from the beginning on each other’s defense and to take an early lead in this very entertaining but keenly contested match. The Godfathers’ team included well know DB figures like O. Rendall, Ingham or even Gianluca. It was Godfathers that had a better start in the first half and immediately took control of the midfield and playing some accurate long passes to their two fast strikers. DBFC defense was under constant pressure and struggled to control the two Godfathers’ strikers but thanks to a great team effort with everyone doing their defensive duties, DBFC was able to not concede first and especially to mentioned Bradders in goal making some miraculous saves on numerous occasions as well as Nin saving a certain goal with a spectacular overhead kick on the goal line when everyone expected the ball to hit the net.

After some scary moments in the first 20 minutes of the game, DBFC slowly but surely started to get their passing game rolling and with Pierre-Oliver and Stephane able to keep the ball upfront until the midfielders moved up the line to support them, DBFC  was able to put some pressure now on the Godfathers defense. In one of the few attacks in the second part of the first half, Pierre-Oliver got the ball and released a shot on goal which Godfathers goalkeeper Gian-Luca not able to control the ball the first time and the rebound was then easily converted from close range by Brendon Devitt, strategically standing near the far goal post. 1:0 for DBFC. It was slightly against the run of the game that DBFC took the lead in the first half but DBFC was able to save the narrow score line to the half time whistle despite Godfathers keep attacking and try to equalize before half time..

At half time Gazza and Crommy made 3 changes in the formation especially in defense and to reinforce the mid-field with one more defensive player to support Thierry who run tirelessly in the first half to prevent Godfather’s midfield players to run through alone against the DBFC defense. Simon came on for Pedro in central defense, Dan for Stephane in defensive midfield and Brendan for the other Brendon on the right wing, leaving Pierre-Oliver as the sole striker upfront. The tactical change didn’t pay off at the beginning of the second half and it was Godfathers who started energetically once again and this time they were able to breach the DBFC defensive line and equalize with a goal by K. Wagner. 1:1. But the DBFC team was not down and they stepped up their pace and slowly Simon, Dan and Brendan found their feet in the new formation and made their mark. DBFC started to take over control in midfield and with Pierre-Olivier upfront running his socks off and constantly dragging two defenders with him, it was just a matter of time before DBFC would score a second goal. After a brilliant save from Godfathers keeper Gian-Luca after a strong shot by Crommy, it was Dan who was the quickest to react to kick the loose ball and shoot the ball low beside Godfather’s keeper legs into the back of the net for the 2:1 lead for DBFC.

Godfathers had not given up on getting at least a point from this game and knowing that there was still plenty of time left in the second half, they kept pressing the DBFC defense, which in the second half was better organized and with Nin intercepting every long ball thrown at him and making some great slide tackles against the best Godfather striker, DBFC was confident to keep this narrow lead till the end of the game. But there was a scary moment for DBFC when a long high ball from the Godfathers’ midfield fell to two unmarked Godfathers’ players inside the DBFC 18-yard box after DBFC defense (except one) had moved out to catch them offside, luckily the Godfathers’ didn’t realize they were onside and nonchalantly released a  quick shot that luckily went high above Bradders’s goal. A sigh of relief that Godfathers didn’t convert this goal scoring opportunity could be heard amongst all the DBFC players. DBFC continued to play fast counter-attacks and one of them put Pierre-Oliver alone against two Godfathers defenders and they could only stop him with a foul inside the 18-yard box. Clear penalty and not much of complaining by the Godfathers’ players! Crommy stepped up to the challenge and coolly converted the penalty into the left low corner of Gian-Luca’s goal, leaving him with no chance to block it. 3:1 lead for DBFC and still 15 minutes left on the clock. Godfathers continued to keep attacking and the DBFC defenders had to work hard and relentless to keep the ball out of their 18-yard box. But the hard work finally paid off and Godfathers was not able to beat Bradders for a second time in the second half and DBFC could maintain their 3.1 lead till to the final whistle.

The joy and celebration after the game was great amongst the DBFC players to have beating their biggest rival and at the same time still being undefeated in 4 league games and greeting from the top of the table. Well done lads for a fantastic team performance and for working hard until the end. Credit goes to Godfathers for a fair and very entertaining game too.

Man of the Match: Bradders (some unbelievable great saves in the first half to keep the team in the game and again some great saves in the second half after DBFC scored the 2:1 to defend the narrow lead prior to the 3:1 penalty of Crommy)

Dick of the Day: Patric for showing up late and not finding the pitch until 25 minutes before the end of the game

Report by Pedro and Thierry