DBFC: 8 – 0 Bants

Venue: Happy Valley Pitch 1

Date 10 July 2021

Kick off time: 15:00

Squad: Ricky, Leo, Morse, Riggers, Wai (GK, LB, CB, CB, RB), Awal, Matt H, Ohmey, Crommy (RM, CM, CM, LM), Zoeller, Ethan (#10, #9)

Scorers: Ethan x 5, Zoeller x 2, Jamie Bone


DBFC started a bit slow but we soon got into the game and creating chances. Zoeller got the first goal, heading in from a great Awal cross, with Ethan getting the second after a good move. Several more chances were created, with Ricky having little to do – but overall an OK first half.


Subs were made for the second half, which was much better. Danny and Makito coming into the middle with Darius coming on at right back and Jamie Bone on the wing. As Bants tired the game opened up and DBFC took advantage. Ethan scoring four more and Jamie Bone polishing off a good move with a goal.

On to the semi against KCC.

MOM: Ethan

DOD: Zoeller