A great late afternoon and evening for DBFC’s tram party and court session ——- even without a cup to present to the passing world.

We consumed far too much beer on the tram and not enough snacks the Gazza brought to feed the numbers. The numbers didn’t turn up so consequently the Tram drivers would have enjoyed themselves after with the food and the few beers that were left over.

The court session was at Trafalgar Bar — on the terrace — same as last year. And the 22 of us there managed use up the litre of “rough” tequila on fines. The judges this year were David and Matt Z and they made a good job by making sure everyone got at least one shot so that everyone remained relatively sober. To carry on his award from the Christmas party Ben Roberts retained the “Dick of the day” t-shirt —- he is so proud of this achievement. Talking t-shirts —– the boys presented David with a “Daddy’s Bridge” t-shirt that he wore with pride all night and obviously had to take a tequila shot for the reason behind the t-shirt.

 I can’t remember the specifics of the fines but many were stretching to make sure everyone got a drink. I think Zin got one for “not being at the cup final”

 And Oisin, Neil J and Boyan got one for “playing for the vets”

Obviously the judgement of the judges was running out of ideas —- which is understandable when the first fines of the evening they both presented too themselves. It was downhill from there.

We stayed on at Trafalgar to half watch the Swiss v Poland match —– supporting Switzerland because of our Swiss play Reto ——- but as you know Switzerland were runner-up in that game —- so a lot in common with DBFC.

After Trafalgar we hit a music bar and made complete tits of ourselves for 30 or 40 minutes before drifting apart in smaller groups —– some like me making a staggered bee-line to the ferry mumbling —- “where’s my bed I’m just too old for the stuff”

So a good night had ——– shame many couldn’t make it —– maybe next year