DBFC got yet another runner up medal.

This time the cup of the LL sevens competition.

Originally we were going to cancel out of this competition given that the league presentation night was 24th June and the DBFC end of season bash on 25th June. The schools finished on 24th June so many away on holiday.

However Gianluca decided to see what he could do for a team —— and obviously got some decent guys together.

Gianluca himself had to drop out because he had to rush to surgery on the Saturday to remove gall stones —– but he still made the Sunday to manage the team — along with David who ably assisted him.

There were 4 DBFC players — David, Reto, Alessio and Matt Orr (David, Reto and Matt were all at the DBFC party so definitely would have had a sore head).

The other 5 players were friends of Gianluca —- sorry do not know their  names — except for Oscar who was part of the DBFC International sevens team.

So well done Guys —- excellent performance!

LL championship —- runner-up

LL cup —– runner-up

Vets cup —– runner-up

LL sevens cup —– runner-up

See what can be done in the Legends League sevens on 17th July