DBFC Vets 5 – 1 Godfathers

KGV @ 9:00pm kick-off on Monday 25 September 2017

Squad: Gianluca, Dirk (Captain), Matija, Steve W, Gazza, Sam, Rudi, Moti, Rafa, Rainer, Snelly, KC, Baz, Thierry, Morse, Nick Dunn, Stefano, Pascal.

Scorers: Moti x2 (assist Rafa for both), Thierry (assist Snelly), Sam (assist Moti) and Rudi (assist Nick).

Gianluca took the opportunity to invite many players for this game against a generally regarded weaker league team, to give as many players as possible game time. However, from kick-off, it was apparent that Godfather’s were a stronger team than previous years. Dirk was named Captain and the starting line-up was announced with the 7 substitutes told that they were all to come on at half time.

Right from the kick-off DBFC took control pressing the relatively slow Godfather’s defence with the speed of Moti and Rafa. Pascal and Rainer working well in the middle and Matija and Steve steady at CB. Goals looked as if they would come by the bag full but some desperate defending and good goalkeeping by Godfathers and some poor decision making and finishing by DBFC meant goals didn’t flow as they should have. Eventually a goal came from the boot of Moti and it was a cracker. Rafa made a defence splitting pass into the run of Moti coming in from the left flank and he rifled a shot at the keeper’s inside narrow angle to smack the inside of the goal post and in to the net to put DBFC 1-0 up. Not long after more good passing work found Rafa drifting to the left and collecting the ball as Moti turned in to the middle. Rafa’s quick feet left the Godfathers’ defenders and he crossed the ball perfectly to Moti right in front of goal to make no mistake with a simple tap in and put DBFC 2-0 up. A lot more goals could have happened but Godfathers continued to frustrate with dogged resistance. So it finished 2-0 at half time.

It was nearly a different team that started the second half, using all 7 subs. The back 4 changed and the front two and one in midfield. More changes happened for the last 20 minutes with players coming back on. Thierry and Baz at CB were confidently steady and the ball was played around calmly through midfield (Rudi and Stefano) and out wide to Snelly and Moti to give Nick and Sam plenty of opportunity. Thierry was finding plenty of space and time to push from CB and of course was not getting picked up by Godfathers. It was a move he started that went through midfield and out wide and the Gallic Marauder kept going forward into the Godfathers box unmarked to get  his big toe on the end of a sublime cross to the near post from Snelly on the right. Thierry with his eyes not leaving the flight of the ball launched through the air with a Bruce Lee type kung-foo kick that defied gravity to deftly flick the ball passed the Godfather’s keeper into the net. DBFC were sailing now at 3-0. More great passing and it was a move that finished by Moti getting away down the left and crossing for Sam to smack into the net to put DBFC 4-0 up. Then the “total football” continued and it was a 7 pass move (Gianluca was counting and noted that it did involve Morse) that got to the feet of Nick who slid Rudi through into the Godfathers box and finish with coolness to put DBFC at 5-0.

Subs were made again for the last 20 to 15 minutes, which disrupted the flow of the football a little and there was inevitably a push for more goals that resulted in the calm passing football taking a back seat to the pushing forward directly. DBFC should have capitalized a few times but for the final ball and the linesman flagging Rafa offside at least 5 times in the last 15 minutes meant the goals didn’t come. At the other end, with 5 minutes left to play Godfathers made a clearance up field that resulted in a soft free-kick to them at 20 yards out and they scored a conciliation goal direct from the free kick. However, Keeper/ Manager Gianluca was not happy at losing his clean sheet when the ball was blasted at the midriff of the DBFC wall for a player to turn sideways bracing for the impact but only succeeding in creating a hole for the ball to fly through. Gianluca was obviously unsighted and had no chance.

MOM:  This needs to be Moti for 2 goals and an assist. He didn’t get it last week when scoring a hat-trick so now he has 5 in 2 matches it is definitely due to him.

DOD: The 5 players in the DBFC holy wall, especially for the player than turned away to protect his wedding tackle.