HK Krauts vs Discovery Bay FC

10th December 2016
Score: 0 - 6

Match Report

Yanou (GK) David and Morse (CB) Ben (RB) Simon (LB)

Dan Lye and Syd Ho centre midfield, Scotty Holmes (LM) Pascal (RM) Rodders (Dave Moore)(10) and Yoon (CF) Subs Dan K and Tom H

Ben took Captain band until Tom (late) came on


Pascal assist by Dan Lye

Scotty Holmes assist by ??????? — get back to you later I think Rodders

Tom H assist by Rodders

Rodders assist by Ben

Dan Keenan assist by Syd Ho

Syd Ho assist by Yoon


Lee YoonAssist
1. Yanoo Van Raad
5. Simon Yuen
7. Pascal LaroumanieGoal
11. Scott HolmesGoal
14. Syd HoGoalAssist
16. David MooreGoalAssistAssist
20. Benjamin RobertsAssist
32. Dan LyeAssist
40. David Morson
89. David Rollinson


21. Dan KeenanGoal
23. Thomas HalderGoal