DBFC 5 – 1 Ruby Murrays FC

We have the privilege of TWO match reports, one from Robbie and one from Gazza.


GK – Alessio

Defence – Kieran, Jamie, David, Christian

Midfield – Jordon, Pascal, Sam, Max

Forwards – Fouad, Matt

Subs – Gianluca, Scotty (Fouad at half time)

Back in Ma On Shan this time on the grass pitch, the pitch extremely bobbly and uneven through the middle, while playing slow through the thicker grass in the sides. After what must have been a terrible warm up (manager partly at fault arrived 15 minutes late just after warm up) DBFC started without any tempo, energy or feel of the ball. As RM put the tactics we had discussed into practice we were penned in as their defence and midfield continually put the ball over the top turning our defence and controlling the territory. Slowing the game down and utilising their height at corners and long throws DBFC deservedly went behind after another long throw was bundled in.

From here on there was improvement, Jordan on the right sprinting through in on goal only to see his effort denied by a strong save. Matt then instigated the comeback, allowed time to turn 30 yards out he hit a powerful effort that the keeper couldn’t parry out for Max following in well to tap home. Half time 1-1.

Scotty Holmes came on. A few tactical changes and some strong words at half time on how to play the pitch saw DBFC start the second half effectively. Matt picked the ball up before slipping Jordan in down the left – Jordon switched to the left and released from the relentless marking of the RM left back – slotted home well. 2-1. Scotty pressurised the RM defence tirelessly and their distribution suffered allowing David and Jamie to win header after header and thereby setting the foundation for our dominance in the second half. Jamie drove forward well, slipping in max who was clipped in the box – penalty. Matt tucked it home. 3-1. Scotty closed down RM defender and went through but to be denied by the RM Keeper, sending him inside and a great sliding tackle from the RM left back, who now was assigned to man mark Jordan. Matt moved into midfield and Jordan upfront. Jordan put through again by Matt was saved by the keeper coming out. From a RM attack Matt released  Jordan to run into RM’s empty half and finished well. Max had two one on ones that he narrowly put wide as DBFC began to put RM to the sword. Sam came back on for the last two minutes and instantly put away the fifth as he was released inside the box. Full time 5-1

Scorers — Jordon 2, Matt 1, Max 1 and Sam 1

MOM – good result and several good performances especially in the second half. Notably Max did very well and could have got a few more goals but Jamie Webb one of the few to perform throughout the game, win all his headers and his distribution was good, great ball to set-up Max’s penalty.


Struggled all week to get players to commit to this game but after pleading, crying, grovelling and generally buttering egos we managed to get 11 definite and two 50/50.

One 50/50 made it the other couldn’t so we had 12 players. A blow came when Gianluca advised an injury to his wrist and couldn’t play goal. He needed his wrist fixed for his up-coming Phuket tour —– not to secure his GK position but to make sure he could hold on to his bottles of beer securely throughout the Phuket weekend —– this very valid point was understood and accepted by the upper echelons of DBFC management. However in true spirit of our DBFC camp, Gianluca came along to cover as an outfield player. So Alessio in Goal, 10 outfield players and one substitute. This was the Bare Bones of a squad but nevertheless, a squad of young quality players, so the management were relaxed. A bonus came on Friday night when Fouad advised he could join if needed —– so he came along. A squad of 13 ——– game on.

A lovely sunny day with temperatures in the high 20s, perfect for footy, we gathered at the DB tunnel toll booths to board our coach (bus). We were on our way, relaxed with some good chat and banter up and down the coach (bus). We took a stop at Tsing Yi MTR to pick up David, who rightly good verbal abuse from all players for being 10 minutes late for the pick-up. Meanwhile, Fouad was trying to get some shut eye — having been DJ all Friday night and getting to bed at 5 am he looked worse for wear. He had his suitcase of DJ stuff (I assume) ready to go back to work Saturday night straight after the footy. How does this man do it? Incredible?

We arrived at the Ma On Shan Sports Stadium and were a little disappointed and concerned at the state of the grass pitch — especially through the middle of the park. No grass and hard as concrete. There was not going to be pretty footy through the middle. The team coach (not the bus) and protégé manager, young Bacon butty, arrived 10 minutes before kick-off. Pascal had made attempts to get the team warmed up but this wasn’t to the same intensity usually implemented by the team coach (not the bus). Robbie gave instruction on game strategy to play long through the channels away from the centre of the park —— and the team commenced obviously not having listened to Robbie. We have to fix this slow start problem that is happening to often. Robbie kept his cool and after Ruby Murrays scored the team showed signs of playing to the plan. Half time the strategy was reinforced and the team went out and dominated with devastating effect. Ruby Murrays heads dropped and we could have had, should have had, 3 or 4 more goals. There was a great positive team vibe, even when one goal down, and great belief. A happy day. Only concern for boss Gaz was a missing football that he eventually found under Fouad —— he was using it as a pillow while resting when he came off at half time.

Banter in the changing room was good and rather than watch the boys shower, boss Gaz went off to purchase the supplies of drinks for the return coach (bus) journey. Great spirit, camaraderie and chat on the bus and cans of beer going down well. Jordon had his speaker box so blasted out some techno ear-ache at the back of the bus where the boy band members of DBFC were seated. After the senior citizens at the front of the bus pleaded for something manlier, Jordon duly obliged with some Neil Diamond music and all the team (well at least me!!!) joined in singing the chorus to “sweet Caroline”. We ditched David and Fouad at Tsing Yi (Fouad off to work through the night —- bet he slept all day Sunday) and a number of us ended up at the plaza’s Bench and Brolly to meet the DBFC convener and sexatelie Dirk. Maybe a few too many beers for some —— but well deserved.

Great day.