Soho Spartans 2 Discovery Bay 8

Kick off: 13:00

Venue: Happy Valley Pitch 1

Starting 11: Rick Star (GK) , Morse(CB), David(CB), Brendan (RB), Leo(LB), Danny Loup(CM), Gary(CM), Enzo(RM), Charlie(LM), Zoeller(ST), Ethan (ST)

Subs: Will, Ryan, David Z, Steven, Dan, Matthew

Scorers: Zoeller (4), Danny Loup (2) and Ethan (2)

After a week’s break DBFC returned to action on a sunny day where the sun shone brilliantly in the clear skies above Happy Valley. DB started strong, their pre-game warmup was rather ravenous ready to devour Soho Spartans. The game started well for DBFC, with many chances but Ethan couldn’t capitalise many of them (your reporters lost count). However, after a few shots on goal DB started to pick up steam, Danny Loup breaking the deadlock for the first goal with many more to come, and with that goal DB picked up their confidence rolling three more past Soho’s keeper, comfortably taking a 4-0 lead at the break.


As the second half commenced DB started with a slow tempo but still managed to score their 5th goal of the game, with Ethan converting a one-on-one to make it 1 in every 10. Soho Spartans slowly revamped their performance and were able to get a cheap goal against DB with the defense and Rick Star momentarily at sea. After the goal conceded DB woke up and started to play more attacking football, Soho couldn’t handle DBFC’s attack resulting in a horrible foul that nearly took out Enzo’s ankles. Zoeller then stepped up to the occasion to bring on the real magic by shooting a wonderful free kick that ended up in the top right corner of the goal, he then repeated that same action again 5 minutes later proving that it’s pure skill. DB was still hungry for more, as Danny Loup received a pass inside the box to then smash it in the back of the net for DB’s 8th goal.


Higgidinho had an excellent performance but when the ball was on the penalty spot it turned into a different story. Everyone was confident he was going to score the 9th goal but instead the ball chose to fly over the bar resulting in pure embarrassment for the star. After picking up the 3 points most of the DB Players headed to their usual destination of the Pier Bar to commemorate their successful 8-2 win with some beers and tequila.


Match report by: Leo and Enzo